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Dr. Md. Abdus Samad

The Department of Applied Mathematics is an academic unit in the Faculty of Science, University of Dhaka on July 1, 2014. The department offers three major programs, namely, 139 credits 4 years integrated BS, 34/32 credits 1-year MS (Thesis/Non-Thesis) and PhD program. Although the undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics was started by admitting 60 1st year BS (Honours) students in session 2014-2015, the MS in Applied Mathematics was awarded (till 2014 by Department of Mathematics) from the establishment of this university.

We are constantly updating our curriculum, following the trends of technological progress and new developments in research and resulting career evolutions. Applied mathematics is used in physical and biological sciences, financial engineering, economics and business. In particular, it is used more and more in all major business sectors, with very demanding requirements: responsiveness to technological restraints, real-time simulations, minimizing risks, management and manipulation of massive data bases. The courses offered by the department are designed to reflect the diversity and take students to the highest level, providing them with a greater adaptability to the evolution in their future careers. Students are introduced to the fundamental fields of Applied Mathematics, which share the methods of modeling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation.

A total of 209 students (Thesis=72, Non-Thesis=137, including 1 foreign student) received their MS degrees and 4 students received their PhD degrees from the department. As we are committed to excellence in teaching and research, we approved and expect to enroll a foreign Post-Doctoral research fellow in Department of Applied Mathematics soon.

The Department of Applied Mathematics is situated beside the Central Shaheed Miner and located in a very beautiful academic building named A.F. Mujibur Rahman Ganit Bhaban. The strength of the department is grounded not only in the transmission of ideas and knowledge through quality teaching, but also in the innovative research and scholarly achievements of our faculty members. We have total 18 faculty members—nine of them have doctoral degrees from the renowned universities in the world. The wide range of expertise of our faculty members cover almost the entire range of Applied Mathematics. The mission of the department is to upgrade itself to an advanced research-oriented department by enrolling more local or foreign M. Phil, PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers in different application fields of mathematics and also by arranging seminar, conferences in regular intervals.


Dr. Mohammad Ferdows

Professor & Chairman

Last updated on 24 March, 2021