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Dr. Muhammad Rashedul Islam

Welcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology under Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Dhaka.
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, leads to the specialization in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology. The program has been designed in view of the growing demand of highly trained manpower in the pharmaceutical sectors both in home and abroad. The course is directed towards providing advanced academic knowledge and practical training to the graduate pharmacists in order to produce competent pharmacy professionals having necessary skill and proficiency in relevant areas of pharmaceutical sciences.
The Department offers advanced research work for the students to make them compatible to international standard. A good number of students graduating from this Department go abroad each year for higher studies and represent Bangladesh in the area of pharmaceutical & health sciences. Apart from higher studies, students form this Department is working as professional pharmacists in various countries like Australia, Canada, United States of America, and the Middle East etc. Also, a large number of original research and review articles are published every year by the Faculty members and students of the Department in various scientific peer-reviewed journals of home and abroad.
Our Department has an excellent laboratory facilities for doing research activities. At present, students from M. Pharm, M. Phil and PhD have been conducting research work on dosage form design, drug delivery systems, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical marketing, public health, forced degradation studies, natural products drug delivery research, synthesis and bio-pharmaceutics.
The Department has outstanding Faculty members, most of them have or perusing PhD degrees from USA, UK, Japan and Australia. Some of them also have the experiences to work as Post-Doctoral Fellow under various prestigious programs offered by Japan & UK. I also believe our Department is the top destination for Faculty members who will return to Bangladesh after pursuing higher study from abroad.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Rashedul Islam
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology,
University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000