The Department of Sculpture is the oldest and best in the field with its alumni making valuable contributions to the society and culture of Bangladesh. Ensuring quality, not quantity has been its focus.

The Department was founded in 1963. The BFA Degree program was introduced to the Department in 1971. The duration of the program was five years with the first two years called the Preliminary Degree of the Bachelor of Fine Art. After the next three years of departmental specialization, the degree awarded was the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA). The two-year MFA program was introduced in 1984. In the 1992-93 session, the BFA Honours program was introduced to the Department of Sculpture. The Honours program was of four-year duration divided into four sessions of one year each. The integrated course system was discontinued, and the grading system was introduced to the BFA Honors program from the 2006-2007 session and to the MFA program in the 2010-2011 session.

Ongoing Programs

  1. Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)
  2. Master of Fine Art (MFA)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


  1. Space and equipments for modelling
  2. Space and equipments for carving
  3. Foundry (with metal casting facilities)
  4. Welding (electric)
  5. Space and equipment for life drawing
  6. Seminar Library
  7. Multimedia presentation facility