ILET aims at creating efficient human resources in the fields of the leather industry, the leather products industry, and the footwear industry. The institute provides its undergraduate students with the opportunity to participate in industrial training where students are attached to different companies and they relate theories, concepts and techniques learned from the academic courses with real-life experiences. At the end of the final year, our graduate students are involved in project work, report writing, and presentation. The master’s students involve in research and writing up a thesis vigorously. We are committed to providing our students, the very best education, and training opportunities designed to enable each and every student to make the best use of their potentials and achieve their ambitions.

ILET has an interdisciplinary team of faculty members having a strong research background. The faculty members have expertise in tannery effluent treatment, leather processing technologies, materials science, environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organometallic chemistry, analytical chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry, nanotechnology for leather engineering, cleaner technologies, product design and development, circular economy, sustainability, supply chain risk management, industry 4.0 G, and foot comfort. We also conduct outreach activities to disseminate the industrial-scale solutions beyond the University of Dhaka. We provide the expertise needed for pre- and post-implementation assessment of projects, programs, and policies regarding the Leather industry, the Leather products industry, and the Footwear industry.