What is StatLab?

A statistical consulting service primarily for the students and faculty members of the University of Dhaka.

Rationale: Statistical analysis has become an indispensable tool for quantitative research in almost all areas of science.It is often necessary to consult a statistician several times during the study, starting from the initial planning stage to the final report writing because the results of the study rely heavily on issues such as experimental design, quality of the collected data, choice of statistical methods for analysis and interpretation of statistical results. In the absence of a statistical consultation center within the university, students and faculty members from other disciplines do not know whom to turn to for expert advice. ISRT hopes to fill this void by assisting academicians and students from other disciplines to conduct high quality research in the university through its statistical consulting laboratory called StatLab.


1)To strengthen quality of research on campus by assisting graduate students and faculty members from other disciplines with statistical aspects of their research work.

2)To create awareness regarding the need for sound statistical practices among researchers with no or little statistical training

3)To provide an environment for the MS students of Applied Statistics to develop consulting skills.

4)To promote professional development of the ISRT faculty members

5)To foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research

What kind of Services StatLab will provide?

1)StatLab focuses onacademic research

2)Consultants can guide you to

i)select an appropriatedesign for your study (survey or experimental)

ii)develop a questionnaire (in case of survey)

iii)choose appropriate statistical methods and software for data analysis and interpretation of results