The Bureau of Economic Research (BER) is a research organ of the University of Dhaka. It is the organization through which mainly the faculty members belonging to the Department of Economics conduct their research activities. Its office is located in the University Arts Faculty Building. Since its inception in 1956, the Bureau has completed a number of studies, has provided a store-house of research experience and has been a source of trained hands for employment by government and private agencies.

The Bureau undertakes research projects whenever such studies appear to have prospects of making a clear addition to knowledge in the related field. Some projects are also undertaken in collaboration with other research organizations Any specific information on the Bureau is available from the Bureau of Economic Research, Dhaka University, Arts Faculty Building, Nilkhet, Dhaka-1000. (Phone: 9661900-70 Ex-4560).

The history of the Bureau of Economic Research is to a large extent the history of the social science research movement in Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan). As early as 1952, three interested researchtd researchers, Viz. Prof A. F. A. Hussain, Prof. A. Frouk And Prof. Muniruzzaman formed the nucleus of a group who undertook study the social and economic problems of Bangladesh through through collection of first hand date.