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Dr. Mohammad Raknuzzaman

The Department of Fisheries of the university of Dhaka was built to produce quality graduates equipped with skills and experiences in different aspects of fisheries to play roles in fulfilling the growing demand for fish, the biggest source of animal protein. Over the last two decades, the department has achieved some of the goals as around 50 graduates are working as fisheries officers in the country who have proven their capabilities in their works with great impressions. Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in supplying fish for its people where our graduates have contributed a lot. However, the department could have contributed more than what it has done by having proper planning. As the 9th chairman of the department, I have set a clear vision and plan for my period. I would like to see my department at the top in our field in the country. Moreover, apart from teaching excellency, I would, especially emphasis on reaserch facilities.

I am open for all to perceive any ideas and to collaborate.