The Department of Oceanography established in 2012, started its journey with the MS program in 2013-14 and undergraduate program in 2014-2015 under the Faculty of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Dhaka. At present, 90 students in 4 batches are studding at undergraduate and post-graduate level under the guidance of 4 full time and 12 part-time dedicated faculties. The department has a strong pool of adjunct faculties who have proven experiences in oceanographic education and research. The syllabus of the department has been formulated and updated following the needs of the country and keeping in mind the potential blue economic growth. Faculties are engaged in different research studies e.g. coastal circulation pattern, meso-scale eddies, SSHA, SST, Chl.a., productivity phyto & zooplankton, biodiversity, marine microbes molecular, biology, marine therapeutics, coastal pollution, bio-geochemical cycling, nutrient dynamics, sediment transport and dynamics, coastal hydrodynamic modeling, ecological modeling using Delft 3D and MIKE3, climate vulnerability, adaptation, coastal fisherman livelihood etc. A number of faculty members are engaged in collaborative research work. Number of visiting professors from NIO, India, Hokkaido University, Japan; Third Institute of Oceanography, China; JAMSTEC, Japan; Jadavpur University, India; conducted training courses and lecturer series in different areas of oceanography.