Faculty Research Interests

Dr. K M Azam Chowdhury

Physical Oceanography, Observation, Climate change and Blue Economy, Cyclone

Dr. Md. Kawser Ahmed


Dr. Md. Jobaer Alam

Fisheries, Biology, Oceanography

Dr. Abu Hena Muhammad Yousuf

Ecosystem-based Marine Spatial Planning, Water Mass Formation and Spreading in the Bay of Bengal

Dr. Mir Shariful Islam


Md Atikul Islam (On Study leave)

Geological Oceanography, Coastal Resources Management, Saline Water Dynamic, Climate Change, Coastal Land-use Management

Mahmudul Hasan

Geoinformatics, Physical Oceanography, Climate Change, Hydrogeochemistry

Zarif Hossain

Biological Oceanography, Marine Metagenomics, DNA Barcoding of Fishes

Nusrat Jahan Shimu

Underwater Communication, Acoustical Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science, Renewable Energy