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Dr. Ratan Chandra Gosh

Professor & Director
Bose Center for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences

Welcome to the Bose Centre of Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences. As the Director of the centre, I feel honored to work with a team of dedicated faculty members, scientists, researchers, research fellows for carrying out new research and development in basic Sciences. The Centre was established in 1974 to honour the life and work of Professor Satyendra Nath Bose who wrote the law that governs the quantum statistics of the most abundant particles in the Universe, called bosons. Prominent Physicist, Prof. Dr. A.M. Harun-Ar-Rashid was the first director of the centre.

Satyendra Nath Bose, generally known as S.N. Bose in the scientific community and affectionately called Satyen Bose in native Bengal, was born on 1 January 1894. In 1924, while working as Reader in the Department of Physics, University of Dhaka, Bose wrote a paper on novel way of counting states with identical particles. This paper was seminal in creating the very important field of quantum statistics. Bose’s work described the properties defining the entire class of particles called “Bosons” after his name. In 1926, S.N. Bose was appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Physics of University of Dhaka. Bose served in Dhaka University for nearly 25 years. As a teacher he was admired by his students who held him in high esteem. S.N. Bose was a self-taught scholar who had a wide range of interests in varied fields including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, mineralogy, arts, literature and music. Bose died on February 04, 1974.

Currently, the centre is inviting research proposal for outstanding research from faculty members of faculty of science with a financial assistance for research fellows. The major goal of the centre is to flourish the work and life of Prof. Bose by arranging research fair, seminar, workshop, conferences in both national and international level through the presentation of new researches from distinguished scientists and researchers of home and abroad.