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Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam (Rafiq Shahariar)

Professor & Director
The East Asia Study Center (EASC)

We are pleased to give you our warmest welcome to the institutional website of the East Asia Study Center (EASC), University of Dhaka and we would like to thank for your interest in getting to know us better. East Asia as a region is both a possibility and a mystery. While the success of East Asian countries was celebrated in the 1980s terming as the ‘East Asian Miracle’ across the globe, rest of the world knew a very little about this region. For South Asia it is far less known region even today except knowing some historical facts. Attempts to understand East Asia started vigorously in the West since the 1980s as the US and major European powers refocused their economic, strategic and diplomatic relations with China, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN. Although it was a delayed attempt, South Asian countries, for that matter, Bangladesh started to emphasize this region beyond aid diplomacy since 2000. It is against this backdrop the Center started its journey in 2013 amid growing interests among the knowledge as well as policy community in Bangladesh about the East Asian region.

The website has been developed to provide information and to serve as a knowledge base on issues and concerns about the region and its relations with Bangladesh in particular, and South Asia in general. It has also focused on interactive communication among the stakeholders in research and study on this dynamic region.

Thank you very much.