M. A. M. MuhtashamHussain

Solar energy and renewable energy

Professor Dr. M. A. M. Muhtasham Hussain was one of the most famous physicists of the country. In 1950, Muhtasham Hussain got a First Class Honours degree in Physics from the University of Dhaka and was awarded the Raja Kalinarayan Scholarship for being the topper in the university. In 1952 he was appointed a Lecturer in Physics, in 1962 he became a Reader and in 1970 a Professor of Physics. In 1984 he was appointed the Bose Professor of Physics. His principle area of research interest was nuclear physics and later he became interested in solar energy and renewable energy. During the period of 1960-70, he supervised many students who worked with him using the Van de Graff accelerator at the Atomic Energy Center.

Professor Dr. M. A. M. Muhtasham Hussain was one of the pioneers of solar energy research and popularization of the same in Bangladesh. He was the director of Renewable Energy Research Center (RERC) for about 07 years (1983-90). He established an Energy Park at RERC in 1988 with a vision for conducting the internships and field works for the researchers working on renewable energy. He was elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Science (1983 -1985). He retired from the University in 1990 and was reappointed for a further period of five years. Professor Hussain had been a Fellow of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (1975) and of Bangladesh Physical Society. He was the President of the Bangladesh Physical Society for 1987 and 1988 and had been the President of Bangladesh Solar Energy Society in 1991.