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    Arifur Rahman, a student of the BSS 5th Batch, awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. (Year:2023)

    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for International Students is a Master's and PhD Degree Program to study at different Universities in two or three different countries in Europe. It is the most prestigious and competitive, fully funded scholarship awarded by the European Union (EU). 

    Every year, thousands of applicants from all around the world apply for this scholarship, and a very few are lucky enough to be awarded it after the rigorous evaluation process. For the scholarship holder, this scholarship covers full tuition Fees, Visa fees, Airfare Tickets, Health Insurance, Accommodation, Meals, and a monthly Stipend.

    This year I applied for this scholarship, and by the grace of Almighty Allah, I have been awarded this Scholarship for the program named European Politics and Society – Václav Havel Joint Master’s Program. Therefore, my tenure for the two-year master’s program will be at Europe’s three prestigious universities in Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

    For those who are interested in applying for the upcoming years, I believe this part will give them a brief idea about some factors that are important to increasing the possibility of getting this Scholarship.

    In general, Erasmus programs are, most of the time, not exactly the same discipline or major but multi-disciplinary. Therefore, the aspirants need to go through the official website of the Erasmus Mundus Catalogue to look for the relevant programs, and if you see that your degree, profile, or work experience partially or fully fits into the details of any specific program, then just go for that program and apply.

    The requirements for applying for the scholarship vary from program to program. However, these are some crucial factors based on which the selection committee evaluates the overall profile. For example,

    • CGPA
    • CV (Europass Format)
    • Statement of Purpose or Motivation Letter
    • Recommendation Letter
    • Relevant work or research experience (depending on the program)
    • Language proficiency test score
    • ECA, Foreign language, summer program, etc. (depending on program)
    • Interview (depending on the program)

    Therefore, the evaluation is a holistic process here, and anyone can compensate for any factor with another. However, try to enrich your profile as much as possible because, at the end of the day, you will be competing with other top students with excellent profiles from all over the world.

    And in the end, you should believe that every success story has a history of rejection, failure, and depression. Nevertheless, if you have patience, perseverance, and the ability to do strategic hard work, you have a fair chance to get in. Best of luck, and keep me in your prayers! Thank you so much!


    Arifur Rahman, Session (2017-18)

    BSS 5th Batch, Criminology

    University of Dhaka

    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Awardee (2023-25 Cohort)


    To check the details of the List of Programs offered, Please Visit the Official website of Erasmus Mundus.

    For more please click here for the Official website of Erasmus Mundus

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    Criminology Debating and Extempore Forum (CDEF) secured 17th place across the entire university in the 15th Nafia Gazi Inter-Department Debate Competition 2023. (Year:2023)

    The 15th Nafia Gazi Inter-department Debate Competition 2023, hosted by the Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) on October 6 and 7, 2033, marked a historic milestone! The event saw the inaugural participation of the Criminology Debating and Extempore Forum (CDEF), representing our department!

    I am glad to inform all of you that, Rafi Al Imran (5th batch), Raiyan Rouf Khan Ananno (7th batch), Nijhum Parvin Sumiya (8th batch), and Sanjana Afrin Aishy (10th batch) showcased their eloquence in the competition. We made a resounding start with a convincing victory against the Department of Economics in the opening round, earning a ticket to the TAB round.

    In the TAB round, we engaged in three intense debates, clinching a notable victory against the Institute of Leather Engineering & Technology. This outstanding performance secured us a commendable 17th place across the entire university. Sanjana Afrin Aishy from the 10th batch of our department has been jointly recognized as the second-best debater in the competition.

    The Criminology Debating and Extemporaneous Forum (CDEF), along with the entire Department of Criminology, is beaming with pride and joy over these remarkable achievements. We believe that these triumphs will serve as a source of inspiration for our budding debaters, propelling the forum to even greater heights of success in the future!

    Congratulations to our extraordinary debaters! Your passion and skill have lit up the stage, and we couldn't be prouder. It will surely work as a source of inspiration for all the novice debaters of the Criminology Department. I hope you will make it bigger next time!


    Shaharia Afrin

    Chair of the Criminology Debating and Extempore Forum

    Department of Criminology

    University of Dhaka.