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Dr. Abu Ashfaqur Sajib

Biotechnology holds immense promise for bringing benefits to humankind and society as a whole. Genetic engineering, the most powerful tool of biotechnology, has made extraordinary developments possible and heightened the promises of biotechnology. The Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEB) started its journey at the University of Dhaka in 2001. Since its start, GEB has been one of the preferred departments among the top students on the merit list of the admission test every year. The graduates of this department have been playing important roles in diverse fields. GEB graduates played salient roles in the Swapnojaatra (the jute genome sequencing project) team and made the whole nation proud. The graduates of GEB served on the frontlines to help diagnose COVID-19 cases during the pandemic. They have also achieved great success in higher studies and research at renowned universities and laboratories, as well as other institutions around the globe. The diligence and dedication of the students and teachers here made the overall success possible.

The department is now located on the 5th and 7th floors of the Science Complex Building. This department houses modern research laboratories for biotechnology-based research. The faculty members at GEB have been actively involved in research. Its faculty members have led multiple research projects of national and international importance.

Currently, GEB is a leading department in terms of both academics and research. The GEB family of current students, alumni, staff, and faculty members is motivated to bring benefits to the nation and the world through their dedication, knowledge, and combined efforts.