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Dr. Shefali Begum

Welcome to the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Biological Sciences and the oldest department of its kind in Bangladesh. The department remains to dealing with the basic subjects providing the nation professionally qualified educators, researchers and administrators. The department attracts the top most students of Bangladesh to develop their skills for the nation building efforts. Students after completing their Bachelor degree in Zoology, specializing in Master’s, MPhil and PhD studies in the field of Fisheries, Entomology, Parasitology, Wildlife Biology and Genetics and Molecular Biology.

The Zoology department is especially proud to announce that in 2021 COVID 19 situation, it has performed all academic activities virtually. Our graduate students have been working in the laboratory under different timeframe that allow for physical distancing, safety while we review the SOP of DU for Covid-19 every aspects of the department on regular basis.

The department housed the oldest scientific society of the country, Zoological Society of Bangladesh. In addition, Dhaka University Nature Conservation Club (DUNCC) and Dhaka University Zoology Alumni Association (DUZAA) are supported institutionally for the benefit of the students and alumni respectively.

The department works with the several governmental entities, like ministries and their allied departments, like Department of Environment, Department of Forest and Department of Fisheries under different issues. The department offers basic and applied research for the issues like Hilsa fish management, Tiger conservation, Ecology of Cholera bacterium, Human-animal conflicts, mosquito biology, store grain pests, etc. It also contributed to the Padma Bridge Multipurpose Bridge environmental issues, Padma Setu museum, Jamuna Setu museum, Butterfly park at National forest, etc.

This is a remarkable time to be exploring the zoological sciences! As the study of animal conservation, crop protection, public health, diseases and sustainable livelihoods itself, zoology is a subject that draws the interest of almost everyone. The understanding of the foundations of life and nature are constantly growing and getting sophisticated every year. As a broad-based Biological Sciences department, we are producing a pool of human-resource dedicated to understanding the natural world from global to local ecosystems down to molecular interactions. We seek new knowledge and train talented researchers.

Welcome to the world of Zoological sciences; it’s a wonderful place to be