Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Shefali Begum

Pest management

Dr. Md. Aminul Islam Bhuiyan

Fish parasitology and zoonotic diseases

Dr. Md. Sagir Ahmed

Environmental pollution & sustainable management, Fish Biology & population dynamics, Biodiversity, Molecular taxonomy and phylogenetic, Biodiversity Assessment & EIA, Ocean Literacy

Dr. Aleya Begum

Animal Parasitology, Public health parasitilogy, Toxicology and environmental biology

Dr. Mohammad Firoj Jaman

Ornithology, Conservation Biology,, Environmental and Ecological Research and Protected Species and Protected Area Management, Herpetology, Primatology, EIA, Wildlife Monitoring, and Protected Area Planning and Management

Dr. Rowshan Ara Begum

Mitochondrial Genomics, Population Genetics, Behavioural Genetics, Molecular Ecology

Dr. Sharmin Musa

parasitology and animal behaviour

Dr. Murshida Begum

Insect Physiology, Insect Microbiology, Toxicology, Entomology

Dr. Mohammad Shamimul Alam

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Dr. Tangin Akter

Medical entomology, Epizootiology, Mosquito, Honey bee and wasp

Dr Gawsia W. Chowdhury

Fisheries as source of plastic pollution, Aquatic Ecology, Ecosystem Engineering, Conservation Education, Plastic Pollution, Heavy metal pollution

Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

Molecular Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Dr. Nousheen Parven

Insect Ecology and Molecular Entomology

Dr. Priyanka Barua

Zoonotic diseases, Neglected tropical diseases, Epidemiology, Immunology, Emerging Infectious diseases, Wildlife conservation

Dr. Khandaker Ashfaqul Muid

Molecular Biology of Aging, Advanced Gateway Cloning, Transgenic animal, Animal Biotechnology

Dr. Md Mokhlesur Rahman

Behavioural ecology, stress response, animal behaviour, wildlife disease

Md. Mahabub Alam

Primatology, Primates Behavioural Ecology

Muntasir Akash

Wallacean shortfalls, Grassland birds, Mammalian carnivores

Shanjida Sultana

Hymenopteran diversity

Mandira Mukutmoni

One health, Neglected tropical diseases

Md. Fazle Rabbe

Herpetology, Wildlife Diseases, Anthrozoology, Urban Wildlife

Hafisha Khatun Anee

Molecular Genetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Identification