Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Shobod Deba Nath

Buyers-Supplier Relationships, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Development Goals, Corporate Social Responsibility, Multi-tier Supply Chains, Humanitarian Logistics, Blockchain Technology Implementation, Supply Chain Governace Mechanisms, The Hidden Issues of Global Supply Chains or Global Sourcing

Dr. Suborna Barua

Finance, Environment, Trade, Investment, Financial Technology

Dr. Abul Khayer

Cloud computing, Electronic commerce, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Dr. Mansura Akter

International Business

Dr. Muhammad Shahin Miah CPA

Financial Accounting, International Accounting

Saiful Islam

International Business, Trade and Development, Human Resource Management, Tourism

Shamsun Arefin

Corporate governance, Environmental Accounting Disclosure

Mouri Mehtaj

International Business, International Entrepreneurship, International Marketing

Kazi Md. Jamshed

International Business, Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy

Pallabi Biswas

Seaports originated trade

Mohammad Mobarak Hossain

International Business

Asmina Akter

International Trade, International Banking, International Marketing

Ekramul Huda

Global Supply Chain Management, Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms, defining the Corporate Structure, Analysis of Trade Competitiveness, Factors of Culture in Shaping Business behavior