Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Sejuti Rahman

3D reconstruction for the purpose of 3D mapping/ robot navigation / visual SLAM, Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Medical Robotics

Dr. Lafifa Jamal

VLSI Design, Reversible Logic Synthesis, FPGA Design, Quantum Computing, Gender and Diversity, Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Dr. Shamim Ahmed Deowan

Control and Automation, Process Engieering, Medical Robotics

Sujan Sarker

Sensor Networks, Mobile Crowdsourcing, Swarm Robotics, Human Robot Interaction

Dr. Shugata Ahmed


Md. Ariful Islam

Deep Learning, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems

Dr. Md Mehedi Hasan

Robotic Visual Servoing and Locomotion, Plant Phenotyping, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Industrial Sensors

Dr. Abhishek Kumar Ghosh

Modeling and Simulation, Wearables, Mechatronics, Machine learning

Md. Shifat-E-Arman Bhuiyan

Artificial Intelligence