Department Name : Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Message from the Chairman

The Department of Accounting & Information Systems is one of the premier departments under the Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka. Accounting was taught as a subject under the Department of Economics and Commerce in the 1922-23 academic session. In 1970, the Department of Commerce was elevated to a faculty and named Faculty of Commerce comprising of two departments, namely Accounting and Management. With the introduction of Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree in Accounting, a new chapter in accounting education began in the country and has since been contributing towards the progression of business education in Bangladesh. 

The Department of Accounting started its academic activities with 8 teachers and 140 students in 1970 and has swelled to over 2,200 students and 50 teaching staff at the present time. Since its inception, the department is upholding its unwavering commitment first rate teaching and research. Keeping in view the changes in structure and curricula, the department was renamed as the Department of Accounting & Information Systems in 2002.

The Faculty of Commerce was renamed as the Faculty of Business Studies as per the decision of the Academic Council of the University of Dhaka, which was approved by the National Parliament through amendment of the Dhaka University Order. The Bachelor of Commerce with Honours and Master of Commerce degrees was renamed by the Academic Council as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in keeping with the trend of greater appeal and acceptability in the job market, and to respond to the competitive environment in the public and private sectors.

Currently, the Department offers Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate programs in Accounting with a clear philosophy to develop in students the required knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts and practical techniques for accounting profession and overall managerial discipline. The department offers Ph.D and M.phil degrees to suitable candidates under the supervision of distinguished faculty members who are internationally acclaimed researchers in their specialized areas. In response to the socioeconomic demands, the Department of Accounting & Information Systems have launched Master of Business Administrative (Evening) program, Masters in Professional Accounting program and Master of Accountancy in Taxation program uniquely suited to the Accounting discipline, catering to the increasing demand for accounting and tax professional representing both public and private sectors. 

The academic programs of the Department are conducted by highly qualified and foreign trained academic personnel with commendable academic background. Distinguished scholars through their laudable efforts have made the programs the most coveted. A large number of faculty members – individually and in teams – is actively engaged in research and have pioneered many research publications. In addition to their commitment to teaching and research, faculty members play an important role in the affairs of the university and the community at large. A good number of our faculty sit on the board of different public enterprises. The diversified academic background of teaching faculty, their research activities, and the dynamic curriculum of Accounting & Information Systems have made it one of the leading departments in the University of Dhaka.

The Department of Accounting & Information Systems has a strong alumni named Accounting Alumni. The Department and Alumni have jointly been awarding over 100 merit based and need based scholarships for a number of years.  The scholarship fund was created through generous contributions by alumni members, internally generated fund, and contributions from departmental teachers. This initiative has paved the way for uninterrupted education for underprivileged students.