Message from the Vice Chancellor


Prof. Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal

Vice Chancellor

University of Dhaka

I am deeply honored and filled with immense enthusiasm as I assume the esteemed position of Vice Chancellor at this illustrious institution. In this capacity, I am aware of the diverse and dynamic spectrum of stakeholders that this university serves, including current and prospective students, dedicated faculty members, accomplished researchers, revered members of the senate and the syndicate, esteemed alumni, and our valued international partners.

To our esteemed faculty members, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the nurturing of young minds. Your guidance not only molds the intellect of future generations but also ignites a passion for lifelong learning. Together, let us collaborate to cultivate an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and inclusivity. Your enduring commitment has been the cornerstone of our university’s strength, and we are committed to further elevating the standard of academic excellence with your continued dedication.

To our distinguished researchers, your pioneering contributions stand at the vanguard of our institutional mission. Your groundbreaking discoveries have the potential to transform lives and shape the future of our nation, Bangladesh. I pledge firm support for the enhancement and empowerment of our research ecosystem, ensuring that our institution remains a bastion of innovation and intellectual exploration. To this end, we are committed to mobilizing the necessary resources for research and development from various quarters, including government support, private sector collaboration, and the enduring commitment of our cherished alumni.

To our students, you are the lifeblood of this university, and your boundless passion for knowledge, innate curiosity, and untiring pursuit of excellence serve as the driving forces behind our collective success. The sacrifices made by your predecessors and their active involvement in myriad social, intellectual, and political movements have made our university uniquely distinguished in the academic realm. I urge each of you to seize every opportunity for intellectual growth, to challenge yourselves, and to collaborate with your peers in strengthening this cherished legacy. Remember, your time here is not merely about earning a degree; it is about shaping yourselves into the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. The university equips you with the most potent tools to confront the various challenges of life, and it is a privilege to have access to the remarkable faculty resources this institution offers.

To our future students, I extend a warm and wholehearted welcome. Your journey with us is a blank canvas, awaiting the vibrant strokes of new experiences, friendships, and knowledge. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, and let this chapter of your life be one of profound growth and self-discovery.

For our international students, your presence enriches our academic community with diversity that is truly invaluable. You enhance the global perspective of our institution, and I am committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every individual feels genuinely welcome and supported.

Let us embark together on an expedition of academic excellence, collaboration, and positive transformation. I am filled with excitement for the endless possibilities that lie ahead, and I have full confidence that, as a united community, we will ascend to new pinnacles of achievement, making our university a desired source of great pride.
Professor Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal
Vice Chancellor
University of Dhaka