Department Name : Department of Criminology

Departmental Activities:

Projects: The Department of Criminology is currently doing a research on Community Policing and Countering Extremism in Bangladesh under the funding of the Asia Foundation from June to September 2020.

• Orientation Program: The Department of Criminology arranges orientation programs for undergraduate and graduate students by its own capacity. In the undergraduate orientation programs the department warmly welcomes the fresher and provides an opportunity to exchange view among the students, and between the teachers and students. The aim of the undergraduate orientation program is introducing the newly admitted students with campus facilities such as use of the central library, university medical centre, university physical fitness centre etc,. In addition, the students know about discipline, proctorial rules, ethics, morality, etiquette, manners etc. from various sessions.

• Arranging Colloquium: The Department of Criminology arranges monthly colloquium where public intellectuals and scholars in different fields lecture on contemporary issues. These colloquiums aim to provoke students’ intellectual capabilities, to think about the contemporary world and changes, to understand how people around the world as well as Bangladesh are coping and reacting with this changes and in this context how the nature of crime is changing and what would be the proper mechanism of preventing crime etc. For example, in March 2020, the Department of Criminology celebrated International Women’s Day and organized a workshop on “Violence aginst Women’ and documentary screening in collaboration with Bangadesh Mohila Samity. Very recently, the department hosts a virtual talk on Perspectives of Crime and Crime Prevention in the age of Covid 19". Professor Dr Zia Rahman and Monirul Islam, DIG, Bangladesh Police were the speakers.

• Co-curricular Activities (CCA): The Department of Criminology encourages the students to participate in different games and sports events (i.e., football, cricket, handball etc). Hence, the students regularly participate in “Inter Department Football Tournament” and “Inter Department Cricket Tournament”. In a similar fashion, the department encourages the cultural development of the students in the arena of literature, music, dance, debate etc. Simultaneously, as part of the commitment to protect environment, the Department organizes monthly Cleanliness Awareness Program to engage students in community works.