Department Name : Department of Ceramic





The Department of Ceramic was established in 1961. Artist Mir Mostofa Ali was the founder of this Department. He studied in Commercial Art Department (Presently Department of Graphic Design). After completing BFA from this Department he went to England to studied on Studio Ceramic and Industrial Ceramic. Former Principal of this institute Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin made him enthusiast of  this subject. Mir Mostofa Ali went to England by his influence. After coming back he joined in this institute and took initiative to establish this Department. In 1962 the Department got a financial donation from the Asia Foundation. In that time Japanese ceramist Koichi Takita (in that time he was appointed as a ceramist in west Pakistan) come to this Department to help Mir Mostofa Ali and they worked together for this Department for 4 years. The Department have started with 5 students by 2 years Diploma Course. 4 of them were from another discipline of this institute (Who have already completed their BFA from painting and commercial Art Department). And another one student was from traditional potter’s family.

From the first batch student Artist Maran Chand Paul joined as a teacher in 1963. Also from the first batch student Artist Gopesh Malakar joined in this Department after Liberation war of Bangladesh. Later on Artist Shamsul Islam Nizami and Artist Abu Syeed Talukder joined as teacher.


For the last five decades Ceramic Department produced generation of ceramist, educationalists, researchers who have been contributing in national and international ceramic fields.


From the beginning there was only Diploma Course in the Department. Later from 1975 the Degree Course Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) and from 1978 Master of Fine Art (MFA) courses were introduced. In the session of 1992-1993 this Department has started BFA (Honors) Course. Students are learning Creative Ceramic and Industrial Ceramic from here. Basically they are always learning and practicing different type of Creative works by different techniques and methods, different Glages what will they need in their future activities. At present the department offers courses for a 4 years BFA Honors and 2 years MFA degree in Ceramic.


The academic programs of this department are processing with 6 permanent teachers, 2 part time teachers, 3 staffs and 60 students. Presently 10 students get admission in this Department in every year.





Infrastructure of Ceramic Department 

From the beginning this Department has changed it’s places several times. At present it is in permanent place in the north-west corner of Faculty of Fine Art. The department has a two storied brick wall building, separately a teen shaded class room and a teen shaded kiln house.


Main Building Ground Floor

Approximately 3608 square feet, there is a office room for administrative purpose. One room for Chairman and one common room for the teachers. Single small corner for kitchen, 2 open space for different class room. One space for wheel throwing class and clay and glaze processing purpose. There is a wash room only for the teachers also in this floor down to the stair of the building.


Two water filter for the teachers, students and staffs. Some wooden table (Big and Small) and chair and some stool for class room. 60 steel made locker for students Wooden and steel shelf, one ball mill for clay processing, one jar mill for glaze making, one tiles press matching (abandoned), one small electric kiln (Not working), 3 paddle wheels, 2 hand wheels (Not working) 5 electric wheels are also in this accommodation.


First floor

Two open space for different classes separated by wooden shelf. Necessary wooden tables, chairs, stools, donkey and some steel made bending wheel and modeling wheel have in this room, a fixed and separate room for theory classes (15 accommodations), and there are a fixed ceramic Archive room in the west corner of this floor. Traditional and folk ceramic from different area of Bangladesh, best and selected works of ex-students and teachers some collections from abroad, wooden revolving chair of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin. The Archive room is always open for students and for everyone. It’s works as a ceramic Library and Also in inspiration of all students. Also there is a washroom for the students in this floor.


Tin shade room

The department have a nice looking old tin shade room. Once it was used as a kiln room. Now there is no kiln in this room and it is being used as MFA students classroom. There is another washroom for the students.


Kiln room

There is a separate room in North West corner for faculty. The room is made of brick wall and Tin shade. This also has an artistic look. A big gas kiln is there. The kiln is used twice or thrice in a month by the students and teachers. Though the space provisions of this department and machineries and equipments are not adequate for the present needs.


The faculty members of the department of ceramic


Founder head of the department:

Artist Mir Mostofa Ali


Associate Teacher:

Artist Kochi Takita (Japan )


Retired Teachers:

Artist Moran chand Paul

Artist Gopesh Malakar

Artist Professor Shamsul Islam Nizami

Artist Abu Syeed Talukder


Present Teachers:

Artist MD Robiul Islam

Artist Swapan Kumar Sikder

Artist Dr. Azharul Islam Sheikh

Artist Debashis Pal

Artist Mohammad Subbir-Al Razi

Artist Chinmaye Sikder


Part time Teachers:

Professor Dr. Ajay Kumar Das

Professor Mainuddin Ahmed


Non Academic Staffs:

  1. Binoy Chandra Biswas, Upper Division Assistant
  2. Md. Mofiz Uddin, Office Attendant
  3. Md. Zahidul Islam, Laboratory Attendant