Department Name : Department of Meteorology

The department named "Department of Meteorology" (Abahawa Bigyan Bivag) has been opened under Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Dhaka University with a vision to make one of the top scientific and research oriented department in this University. Welcome to our new department. 

The subject of meteorology is very important in the socio-economic and sustainable development of any country. It is recognized fact that Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, and with the least exiting capacity to respond. It is also a known fact that most of our disasters are meteorologically related. In Bangladesh in general, meteorologists are needed in vital areas of the economy such as agriculture, fisheries, the water sector, weather forecasting, aviation, and disaster mitigation. Due to their impacts on human livelihoods, these areas are crucial in achieving the Millennium Development Goals of the nation. Moreover, to face the challenges of climatic variability the necessity of this department is in no doubt.


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