Department Name : Department of Disaster Science and Management

Department of Disaster Science and Management

A warm greeting! The Department of Disaster Science and Management started its journey in 2012 with a vision to provide international standard high-quality education and research in the area of hazard science and disaster management. Perhaps, the department aims to emphasize more on research. As hazards and climate change are two crucial phenomena, the whole world is experiencing now; the department would like to manage the extreme events based on solid understandings of science inherent to those phenomena.
Particularly countries like Bangladesh experiencing extreme events very frequently need efficient manpower to guide the community in the proper way as well as to broaden the existing understanding of hazards and climate change from real life experiences.
The world is not only threatened by natural extreme events but also, anthropogenic disasters like terrorism, war, and technological disasters have a tremendous impact on socio-economical imbalance. Along with these social aspects, gender issues in disaster management also need to be addressed in a more sophisticated way.
So far, huge knowledge has been agglomerated from numerous national and international projects working on reducing the risk and vulnerability of crisis situations. It’s high time to bring this knowledge in an academic format and to enhance the existing knowledge. This is how the department has emerged.
The Department of Disaster Science & Management will keep marching by realizing its importance in the context of humanitarian and national development perspective. Our multidisciplinary blending of science with social aspects foresees to add a new dimension to higher education. You are always welcome to join our journey.




Md. Shakahawat Hossain