Department Name : Department of Law

The Department of Law offers degrees, namely, the LL.B. (Honours), general LL.M. and specialized LL.M., M.Phil., and Ph.D.

LL.B. (Honours) Degree

Until 1973, the Faculty of Law offered a two-year LL.B. Programme in the evening. During the 1973- 1974 session, it introduced a three-year LL.B. Honours course. This course was subsequently extended to four years from 1977-1978 session. At present, the number of seats in the first year is 150.

The undergraduate law course at the Faculty is intended to give a thorough grounding in the different aspects of law placing emphasis on principles and techniques, reasoning and explanation. Thus, while allowing most of the undergraduates to study law with the intention of practicing, the course also provides an excellent broad education for those who opt to go into closely related fields.

In 2004-2005 session, a new syllabus has been introduced in the Faculty of Law for the students of LL.B. (Honours) programme. According to the new syllabus, the marks for the subjects offered have been increased from 1700 to 2300.


LL.M. Degrees and Research Degrees

Apart from LL.M., the Faculty offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree. During the 1976-1977 session, a one year general LL.M. course was introduced. This degree is awarded to successful candidates in the LL.M. examination, which is taken at the end of a one-year taught course. It consists of five papers assessed generally by means of written examination, thesis, and viva voce. During 2006-2007 session, specialized LL.M. courses were launched. The following specialized LL.M. degrees are offered at the Master's level along with General LL.M.