Department Name : Department of Political Science

Political Science Department started as an independent Department in 1938 pioneered by Devendranath Benarjee, its first Chairperson. Over the course of the time the Department is at present one of the largest Departments of Dhaka University. The Department accommodates almost 1200 students among them 925 in graduate, 200 in Masters, 70 in M. Phil and 21 in Ph.D. programmes. The Department with as many as 32 teachers offers specialized education in almost all the branches of Political Science. The major areas involve Bangladesh Politics, International Relations, Political Thoughts in East and West, Politics in the Middle East and East Asia and Governance Studies.

The department offers a four-year Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) and one-year Master of Social Sciences (MSS) programmes. In addition, the department offers M. Phil. and Ph.D. aprogrammes. The Department also offers a 18-months professional master programme on Governance Studies (MGS). Under the Department's jurisdiction a few research and training centres are being operated. These are: Japan Study Centre, Centre for Governance Studies, Centre for East Asian Studies and Centre for human Securities. Bangladesh Political Science Review, a yearly journal of the Department is published once a year. The Journal has been widely acclaimed, home and abroad. A substantial number of scholars of international reputation, political leaders, leading bureaucrats and civil society members are the ex-students of the Department of Political Science.

The Department has a high profile Curriculum and Development Committee which makes sure that the academic curriculums of all the programmes be updated enough to address the recent national and international issues concerned. The Department offers unique opportunity for its students to consult with Student Advisors on diversified issues. It offers computer and Internet facilities for teachers and students as well.