Faculty Members List (Department of English)
Picture Name Designation Phone Email Profile
Dr. Nevin Farida Professor & Chairperson /6061 9676487 nevinfarida@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Sadrul Amin Supernumerary Professor 58613525 (Res) 9661900-59/ 6047 (Off) profsadrul.amin@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Syed Manzoorul Islam Part-Time Teacher /6049, 9674525 smidhaka@gmail.com View
Rebecca Haque Professor ( LPR ) 880-2-9661900-73/6045 rebecca@du.ac.bd View
Tahmina Ahmed Professor 9665166 (Res) 9661900-59/6060 & 6045 bhoopa1@hotmail.com View
Dr. Rubina Khan Professor 6064, 8714345 rkhan@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Kazal Krishna Banerjee Professor ( LPR ) /6063 8631970 kajal.du@gmail.com / kajal.du@du.ac.bd View
Zerin Alam Professor zerinalam@du.ac.bd View
Begum Shahnaz Sinha Professor /6065, 8620190 shahnaz_sinha@yahoo.com View
Dr. Tazin Aziz Chaudhury Professor /6052, 8911293 tazinchaudhury@yahoo.com View
Dr. Shamsad Mortuza Professor English Shamsad@du.ac.bd View
Nazmeen Huq Associate Professor /6072 9330857 nazmeenhuq2010@hotmail.co.uk View
Batool Sarwar Associate Professor /6073, 9112045 batools@hotmail.com View
Tasneem Siraj Mahboob Associate Professor /6070, 8153314 tasneem.mahboob@gmail.com/ tasneem.mahboob@du.ac.bd View
Rumana Siddique Associate Professor /6071, 9881558 rumana_sid@yahoo.co.uk View
Dr. Golam Gaus Al-Quaderi Associate Professor /6076 golamgaus@du.ac.bd View
Mr. Ahmed Bashir Associate Professor +88 02 9661900 abashir@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Bijoy Lal Basu Associate Professor 6046 bijoybasu@du.ac.bd View
Neelima Akhter Associate Professor 880-2-9661900-73/6045, 6046 neelima.akhter@gmail.com View
Farhanaz Rabbani Associate Professor fnazrs@yahoo.com View
Mahfida Tahniat Assistant Professor 01711246159 mahfida@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Ashim Dutta Associate Professor 880-2-9661900-73/6045, 6046 ashimdutta.du@du.ac.bd View
Munasir Kamal Assistant Professor munasir.kamal@du.ac.bd View
Nehrir Khan Assistant Professor /6071 nehrir@gmail.com View
Dr. A. F. Serajul Islam Choudhury Professor Emeritus 6048 sichy@du.ac.bd View
Professor Dr. Bissojith Gosh Part-Time Teacher 8652419, /6014 bissojith@du.ac.bd View
Pratiti Shirin Assistant Professor /6050, 01718846926 pratshirin85@du.ac.bd View
Anjuman Ara Assistant Professor anjuman@du.ac.bd View
Taslima Irine Ivy Assistant Professor taslima@du.ac.bd View
Sanjeeda Hossain Assistant Professor hossain.sanjeeda@yahoo.com View
Md. Elias Uddin Assistant Professor eliasuddin@du.ac.bd View
Zaynul Abedin Assistant Professor mzabedin@du.ac.bd View
Bushra Mahzabeen Assistant Professor Department of English, DU bushramahzabeen@du.ac.bd View
Mehedi Karim Shimanto Assistant Professor m.k.shimanto@gmail.com View
Nusrat Gulzar Assistant Professor Department of English, University of Dhaka nusrat.gulzar@gmail.com View
Dr. Qumrul Hasan Chowdhury Assistant Professor 880-2-9661900 qumrul.chowdhury@du.ac.bd View
Rumana Rafique Assistant Professor rumana.raf@gmail.com / rumana.rafique@du.ac.bd View