Faculty Members List (Department of Islamic History & Culture)
Picture Name Designation Phone Email Profile
Dr. Md Akhtaruzzaman Professor And Vice Chancellor 9672533 / 9672545 akhtaruzzaman@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Professor /6336, 8623259 drmohammad_ibrahim@gmail.com View
Md. Mahfuzul Islam Professor 9661920-6340 (Extn), 8610051 (Res) mahfuzulislam@du.ac.bd View
Md. Mosharaf Hossain Bhuiyan Professor & Chairman /6341 8613268 bhuiyabmh@yahoo.com View
Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman Miazi Professor 9661920-6343 (Extn), 58616036 (Res) ataurmiazi@yahoo.com View
Mr. Md. Ataur Rahman Professor 9661900/6337 ataurbiswas@gmail.com View
Dr. A. K.M. Golam Rabbani Professor 6345, 01913666347 dr.rabbanidu@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Abdul Bashir Professor /6346, 8612462, 01715551733 basir1965@yahoo.com View
Dr. Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Khan Professor s_rahman_khan@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Abu Khaled Mohammad Khademul Haque Professor 9661920/Extn 6348, 01716042867 sumanhaque@yahoo.com View
Mrs. Nusrat Fatema Professor 9661920/ Extn. 6349 nusratdu@hotmail.com View
Mr. S.M. Mofizur Rahaman Professor 9661900/6351 mofizurrahman10@yahoo.com View
Dr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir Professor +8801819100992 humayunjsc@yahoo.com View
Suraiya Akhter Associate Professor 9661900/6334 suraiyaa@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md Abul Kalam Azad Associate Professor 9661920/Extn 6350 azadihc@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Syfullah Associate Professor 9661900-73/6330 (office), 01716324661 saifihcdu@yahoo.com View
Mr. Md. Zakaria Associate Professor 9661900/6337 mzakaria@du.ac.bd View
Md. Nurul Amin Associate Professor 01612145470 naminhistory@yahoo.com View
Md. Abdur Rahim Associate Professor +8801716272707 mrahim77@yahoo.com View
Dr. A.T.M. Shamsuzzoha Associate Professor +8801678142924 zoha@du.ac.bd View
Mahmudur Rahman Associate Professor 880-2-9661900, Extn-6337 mahmudihc@du.ac.bd View
Muhammad Omor Faruq Assistant Professor 01711475887 omorfaruq@du.ac.bd View
A. K. M. Iftekharul Islam Assistant Professor 880-2-9661900/6336 iftekharul.ihc@du.ac.bd View
Muhammad Mahmudur Rahman Assistant Professor +8801912930244 bahluldu81@gmail.com View
Nazma Lecturer +8801735907778 afrin.nazma@gmail.com View
Roaksana Firdaus Nigar Lecturer 8801737713644 roaksana.nigar@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Najma Begum Supernumerary Professor /6332, 8631624,01815316582 drnajmakhan@yahoo.com View
Dr. Ayesha Begum Honorary Professor /6333, 01819215773, 01736691398, 58614997 arupkamal@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Sufia Ahmed (National Professor) Professor 880-2-9661900/6353 sufiaahmed@du.ac.bd View