Faculty Members List (Institute of Statistical Research and Training)
Picture Name Designation Phone Email Profile
Dr. Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman Professor & Director 9661920-73 extn 6220 shafiq@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr.Syed Shahadat Hossain Professor +880-2-9661900 x8289 shahadat@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. Azmeri Khan Professor +880-2-9661900 x8291 azmeri@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. M. Amir Hossain Professor +880-2-9661900 x8281 amir@isrt.ac.bd View
Begum Zainab Professor +880 2 9661900 x8290 bzainab@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr.Muhammad Shuaib Professor +880 2 9661900 x8292 shuaib@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. Abu Hena Md. Mahbub-ul Latif Professor +880 2 96619200 mlatif@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. Md. Ohidul Islam Siddiqui Professor siddiquio@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr.Md.Israt Rayhan Professor +880-2-9661900 israt@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. Tamanna Hawlader Professor +880-2-9661900 tamanna@isrt.ac.bd View
Mohammad Shahed Masud Professor 9661920-73 ext 6220 smasud@isrt.ac.bd View
Jahida Gulshan Associate Professor +880-2-9661900 gulshan@isrt.ac.bd View
Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan Associate Professor +8801725106661 hasinur@isrt.ac.bd View
Mohammad Lutfor Rahman Associate Professor 880-02-9661920-73 lutfor@isrt.ac.bd View
Muhammad Iftakhar Alam Associate Professor +880-2-9661900 x8292 iftakhar@isrt.ac.bd View
Md. Anower Hossain Associate Professor Room No 301, Institute of Statistical Research and anower@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Paritosh Kumar Roy Assistant Professor pkroy@isrt.ac.bd View
Yesmin Akhter Assistant Professor +880-2-9661900 yakhter@isrt.ac.bd View
Md. Mahsin Assistant Professor +8801913462350 mahsin@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Md. Shaddam Hossain Bagmar Assistant Professor shbagmar@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Mohammad Samsul Alam Assistant Professor 02-9662950 msalam@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Nabil Awan Assistant Professor 02-9662950 nawan@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. Mohaimen Mansur Assistant Professor mmansur@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Md. Rashedul Hoque Assistant Professor rhoque@isrt.ac.bd View
Mrs. Farhana Sadia Lecturer fsadia@isrt.ac.bd View
Mrs. Ajmery Jaman Lecturer ajaman@isrt.ac.bd View
Mrs. Humayera Islam Lecturer hislam@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr. Md. Tuhin Sheikh Lecturer tsheikh@isrt.ac.bd View
Ms. Elizabeth Bianca Sarker Lecturer esarker@isrt.ac.bd View
Mrs.Tahmina Akter Lecturer (880-2)9661920 takter2@isrt.ac.bd View
Ms Nasrin Lipi Lecturer nlipi@isrt.ac.bd View
Ms Noor Jahan Akter Lecturer nakter1@isrt.ac.bd View
Mr Md. Mynul Islam Lecturer mislam2@isrt.ac.bd View
Ms Rownak Jahan Tamanna Lecturer rjahan@isrt.ac.bd View
Ms. Tasneem Fatima Alam Lecturer talam1@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr. M. Sekander Hayat Khan Supernumerary Professor sekanderhayat@gmail.com View
Dr.Khan. Abdul Matin Supernumerary Professor +880-2-9661900 x8286 kmatin@isrt.ac.bd View
Dr.PK. Md. Motiur Rahaman Honorary Professor +880-2-9661900 x8285 pkmotiur@isrt.ac.bd View