Faculty Members List (Institute of Social Welfare and Research)
Picture Name Designation Phone Email Profile
Dr. Muhammad Samad Professor And Pro-Vice Chancellor 880-2-9661900/8487 samadswidu@yahoo.com View
Mrs. Tahmina Akhter Professor and Director 880-2-9661900/8489 tahminasw@gmail.com View
Dr. Abdul Hakim Sarker Professor 880-2-9661900/8483 hakim.sarkar@gmail.com View
Dr. Md. Abu Taher Professor 880-2-9661900/8484, +88-01715180249 taher.du@yahoo.com View
Dr. A S M Atiqur Rahman Professor 880-2-9661900/8482, 01712154795 atiqrdu@gmail.com View
Dr. Md. Nurul Islam Professor 880-2-9661900/8488 n.islamdu62@gmail.com View
Mrs. Majeda Husain Choudhury Professor 880-2-9661900/8486 majedadu@yahoo.com View
Dr. Tania Rahman Professor 880-2-9661900/8490 taniarahman39@gmail.com View
Dr. Md. Golam Azam Professor 880-2-9661900/8491 g.azam2011@gmail.com View
Dr. Mahbuba Sultana Professor 880-2-9661900/8495 mahbubaiswr@gmail.com View
Dr. Golam Rabbani Professor 880-2-9661900/8496 rabbani.iswr@du.ac.bd View
Dr. M. Rezaul Islam Professor 880-2-9661900/8493 rezaul.iswr@du.ac.bd View
Dr. Fozle Khoda Professor 880-2-9661900/8492 fozle.khoda@gmail.com View
Dr. Mohammad Shahin Khan Associate Professor +88-02-9661920/8497 shahinkhan8@yahoo.com View
Dr. Sk. Tauhidul Islam Professor 880-2-9661900-73/8498, sktauhidul@du.ac.bd View
Mohammad Hafiz Uddin Bhuiyan Professor +88-0-58616662 hafizubn@yahoo.com View
Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam Professor 880-2-58616662, +88-01625295480 rabiuledubd@gmail.com View
Dr. Shahana Nasrin Professor +88-2-01711834262 nasrinkolki@yahoo.com View
Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam Associate Professor +88-2-01553708208 ashraful.sw@gmail.com View
Mohammad Mainuddin Mollah Assistant Professor +88-2-01720675817 moin522@du.ac.bd View
Anuradha Bardhan Assistant Professor +88-2-01747901722 anuradha_bardhan@yahoo.com View
Md Tawohidul Haque Assistant Professor +88-01811649391 tawohid@gmail.com View
Kamrun Nahar Assistant Professor 88-01703985991 kamrunnahar@du.ac.bd View
Saidur Rahman Assistant Professor 88-01721852676 sayedsw@du.ac.bd View