Profile of Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi

Profile of Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi

Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi
Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Phone: Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Ph.D. Chemistry University of Leeds United Kingdom 2003
Masters Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1993
Bachelor Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1992
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
International Commonwealth Staff Fellow 2013 United Kingdom Achieved highly prestigious Commonwealth Staff Fellowship
Research Interest
Subject Description
5. Development of suitable adsorbents from renewable sources for the removal of dyes and heavy metals from aqueous system

Synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) and its composite for the removal of Textile Dyes and heavy Metals from Industrial waste water.

4. Synthesis of carbon dots and their application

C-dots are synthesized from carbohydrates and other small organic compounds, their purification, characterization and applications in sensing heavy metals and for bio-imaging.

3. Desalination of sea water employing membrane technologies (FO and RO)

Membranes are syntheiszed, charaterized and their application in RO, FO and determination of their performace

2. Industrial and municipal waste management employing membrane bio reactor (MBR)

Fabrication, chraterization and performance analysis of ultrafiltration membranes. Comparison of their performance with commercial membranes are also studied.

1. Micribial Fuel Cell Proton Exchangeable Membrane (PEM) and agar-salt bridge based dual chamber MFC have been constructed. Organic wastes from kitchen were used as substrates and different sludges were employed as sources of microorganisms.
Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Masters Synthesis of Sodiumalginate-GO nanocomposite and its application in heavy metals removal Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr Md. Al-Mamun, Atomic Energy Commission Marzia Islam Mouri

Separation, Effluent treatment

Masters Synthesis of carbon nanoparticles from carbohydrates and their applications Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr Md. Al-Mamun, Atomic Energy Commission Rahnuma Rimi


Ph.D. Removal of Textile Dyes from Aqueous Solution Using Graphene Based Adsorbents Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam Dewan Md. Mahmuddannabi

Textile Effluent Treatment

Masters Photoluminescent Carbon Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Physiochemical Properties and Applications as Fluorescent Probe in Metal Sensing Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Rafsan 2019
Masters Performance analysis of Organic Waste Based Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Dr. Zahid Hasan mahmood (late) Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Sheikh Shehab Uddin 2018
Masters Surface passivated Carbon Nanoparticles for Bio-imaging and Heavy Metal ion Dtection Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Md. Jannatun Nayem 2018
Masters Removal of Textile Dye from Aqueous solution by Using Chemically modified Sawdust Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Md. Zahangir Alam 2013
M.Phil Fluorescent nanomaterials and their sensing ability toward organic pollutants Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr. A.F.M. Mustafizur Rahman Mariam Islam Nanomaterials, Photophysical Chemistry 2010
Ph.D. Fabrication of Composite ultrafiltration Membranes for the Treatment of Industrial waste Water Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr. Dewan Shamim Ahmed Md. Nur-E-Alam Current Year
Ph.D. Ecofriendly leather processing using ultra sonication Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Md. Abu Sayed Mia Leather processing Current Year
Ph.D. Development of adsorbents for the removal of chromium from leather effluents Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Fatema-Tuz-Zohra Leather Effluent Treatment Current Year
Ph.D. Accumulation of heavy metals in leafy vegetables grown in Hazaribagh area and development of novel adsorbents for their removal from leather effluents their Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam Md. Sobur Ahmed Leather Effluent Treatment Current Year
Ph.D. Synthesis, purification, characterization and application of graphene based materials Dr. Mohammad Nurnabi Dr. A.F.M. Mustafizur Rahman Md. Amirul Hoque Material Science Current Year
Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
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Invited Talk
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Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Postdoctoral Fellowship Centre for Self-Organised Molecular Systems (SOMS) Leeds, UK 01-07-2019 01-07-2019
Assistant Professor Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Dhaka University Dhaka, Bandladesh 01-07-2019 01-07-2019
Associate Professor Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Dhaka University Dhaka, Bangladesh 01-07-2019 01-07-2019
Professor Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Dhaka University Dhaka, Bangladesh 01-07-2019
National Science Council Fellowship Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan 01-07-2019 01-07-2019
Commonwealth Staff Fellow Nottingham University UK 01-07-2019 01-07-2019
Lecturer Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Dhaka University Dhaka, Bangladesh 01-07-1998 01-07-2019
Lecturer Dept. Chemistry, BUET Dhaka, Bangladesh 01-07-1997 01-07-1998
Journal Article
Dewan Md. Mahmudunnabi, Marzia I. Mouri, Tasrina R. Choudhury, Md. Zahangir Alam, Mohammad Nurnabi,* : Preparation of Calcium Alginate-Graphene Oxide Composite and Its Application for the Removal of Dye Maxilon Blue, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (under review), 2020 .
Sobur Ahmed1,3, Fatema-Tuj-Zohra1,3, Abrar Shahriar1, Nazia Rahman2, Nirmal Chandra Dafader, Md. Zahangir Alam, Mohammad Nurnabi* : Preparation of Sawdust-graft-Acrylic acid by Gamma Irradiation for the Removal of Cr (III) from Aqueous Solution, Applied Water Science (under review), 2020 .
Sayid, M.A, Ashraf, R, Alam, Z, Nurnabi, M. : Eco-friendly Leather Dyeing Using Ultrasound Technique., J. Am. Leather Chem. Assoc., vol.115, pp.199-206, 2020 .
Nurnabi M*, Bhowmik S, Rahman M. S , Choudhury T.R , Parsons A, J.Young S. D : Modification and Application of Albizia lebbeck Sawdust For The Sorption of Lead (II) and Copper (II) From Aqueous Solutions., Orient J Chem., vol.36(4), pp.591-600, 2020 .
Choudhury, T. R., Bhowmik, S., Rahman, M. S., Nath, M. R., Jahan, F. N., Begum, B. A., & Nurnabi, M.* : Sythesis of Nano Zerovalent Iron Supported Sawdust (NZVI/SD) and Its Application for Removal of Arsenic (III) from Aqueous Solution., Chemical Science International Journal,, vol.29(1), pp.1-12, 2020 .
Mahmudunnabi DM, Alam MZ, Nurnabi M : Application of Graphene Oxide for the Removal of Textile Dye FD-R H / C from Aqueous Solution., J. Mater. Environ. Sci., vol.11 (4), pp.531–539, 2020 .
Mahmudunnabi DM, Alam MZ, Nurnabi M : Removal of TURQUOISE GN from aqueous solution using graphene oxide, Desal. Wat. Treat., vol.174, pp.389-399, 2020 .
M. Nahidur Rahman, R. Rani Bhowmik, M. Nurnabi, M. Asraful I. Molla : Synthesis and Characterization of an amidoxime Compound With Benzimidazole Moiety and pH Sensing Behaviour Under Basic Condition in Methanol and DMSO, J. Chil. Chem. Soc., (impact factor:0.463) vol.63, no.3 pp.4047-50, 2018 .
Mizan, A.; Zohra, F. T.; Ahmed, S.; Nurnabi, M.; Alam, M. Z. M : Low cost adsorbent for mitigation of water pollution caused bytannery effluents at Hazaribagh, Bangladesh J. Sci. Ind. Res., vol.51, no.3 pp.215-20, 2016 .
Noor, I. Z.; Das, A. K.; Ferdous, T.; Nurnabi, M. : Isolation of lupeol from Terminalia arjuna bark, Dhaka Univ. J. App. Sci. Eng., vol.3, no.1 pp.87-90, 2015 .
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Rahman, M. A.; Islam, M. R.; Nurnabi, M; Bala, P. : Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies of Sorption of Remazol G Yellow RGB (An Anionic Reactive Dye) Onto Acid Activated Vegetable Kitchen Waste, Intl. J. Environ. Pollu. Contrl. Manag., vol.5, pp.72-84, 2013 .
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