Profile of Dr. Hakim Arif

Profile of Dr. Hakim Arif

Dr. Hakim Arif
Department of Communication Disorders
Faculty of Social Sciences
Phone: 88-09666911463, mobile-01914104566
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Short Biography:

I was born in Kishoreganj in 1969. Having completed my master's in Bengali from the department of Bangla, the University of Dhaka, I started my carrier as a lecturer at the School of Education, Bangladesh Open University in July 1996. I was recruited as a lecturer in my department at the University of Dhaka in October 1998 and served there for five years. Then I switched to the Department of Linguistics at the same university in 2003. I worked there for 12 years in different academic positions and became the Chair in 2013. In 2015 I was appointed as the founder Chair of the newly established Department of Communication Disorders. I joined the new department on 1st April 2015 and continued till 2nd February 2020 as the Chair.

Presently, I am working as a professor in this department.

Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Ph.D. Pragmatics and Nonverbal Communication Berlin Technical University, (Tu Berlin) ( Germany 2011
Masters Masters in Linguistics University of Groningen Netherlands 2007
Masters European Masters in Clinical Linguistics (Joint Degree) University of Potsdam, Germany; University of Groningen, the Netherland and University of Joensuu, Finland Germany 2007
Masters Bengali Language and Literature University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1991
Bachelor Bengali Language and Literature University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1990
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
National Bangladesh University Grants Commission Award 2016 Bangladesh

Awarded for writing an academic book on Nonverbal Communication.

International DAAD Funding 2008 Germany

Awarded DAAD funding to attend a summer school as a part of Ph.D. research work.

International ‘Erasmus Mundus Scholarship’ 2005 Germany

Awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to complete EMCL program held in three universities in Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany

National ‘Nazrul Institute Scholarship’ 1996 Bangladesh

Awarded Nazrul Institute Scholarship to conduct research work on 'Lexicon of Nazrul Words'.

National ‘Professor Abdul Memorial Book Prize’ 1995 Bangladesh

Awarded 'Professor Abdul Hye Memorial Book Prize' for securing the highest marks at the MA examination in 1991 (held in 1994).

Research Interest
Subject Description
Communication Disorders
Cognitive Linguistics
Semiotics and Cultural Studies
Clinical Pragmatics
Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Ph.D. The nature of language performance by Bengali Broca’s aphasics Dr. Hakim Arif Begum, Monira, Associate Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, DU 2020
Ph.D. Language and culture of Patra linguistic Community. An analysis of linguistic anthropology Dr. Hakim Arif Dr. Abul Kalam Monzur Morshed Asaduzzaman, Md., Associate Prof., Dept. of Linguistics, University of Dhaka 2018
M.Phil Nature of language deficiency by Bengali autistic children and children with CP: A comparative study Dr. Hakim Arif Ferdous, Dr. Fahmida 2016
Ph.D. An analysis of the nature of language expression by Bengali speaking autistic children Dr. Hakim Arif Nasrin, Salma, Prof. Dept. of Linguistics, University of Dhaka 2016
Masters Analyzing Saussurian and Peircian approaches to Sign: A comparative Study Dr. Hakim Arif Hussain, Nawshaba Binte 2003
Masters Semiotic Analysis of Shangshad Bhabhan: The Assembly Building of Bangladesh Dr. Hakim Arif Khan, Naira, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Linguistics, University of Dhaka 2002
Ph.D. Aspects of social communication of children with autism: Issues and challenges for child language development Dr. Hakim Arif Taskin, Tamanna 0000
Ph.D. Analyzing the nature of nonverbal communication performed by Bengali autistic children Dr. Hakim Arif Jahan, Tawhida, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Communication Disorders, University of Dhaka 0000
Ph.D. The nature of politeness represented in the Bengali invitation letter: A pragmatic study Dr. Hakim Arif Khairunnahar, Khondoker, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Linguistics, University of Dhaka 0000
Ph.D. Spect Neuro Imaging as a Prognostic Tool in the Management of Speech Disorders Associated with Cerebrovascular Disease Dr. Hakim Arif Dr. Fazlul Bari Salam, Sadia, Assistant Prof, National Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (NINMAS), Dhaka 0000
Ph.D. A Learning-style Conscious English Consonant Pronunciation Pedagogy Dr. Hakim Arif Hasan, S.M. Mohibul, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of English and Humanities, Brac University 0000
Ph.D. The nature of the communication act of Bengali advertisements Dr. Hakim Arif Islam, Nadia Nandita, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Linguistics, University of Dhaka 0000
Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
ICT in Communication Disorders Development of Software and specialized Accessible audio-video contents for the persons with NDD ICT Ministry, Government of Bangladesh 01-09-2020 30-06-2021 Worked as the Chair of software receiving committee
Communication Disorders “Expansion and Development of Proyash at Dhaka Cantonment (Corrected)” Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh 01-02-2017 31-05-2017 Worked as individual national consultant
Invited Talk
SL Invited Talk

Delivered a special lecture on "Linguist Shahidullah" invited by Bangla Academy, Dhaka held on 14th July 2019.


Presented a paper on "Bengali Writing system: An Alpha-Syllabary system with a phonological and orthographical mismatch" at the workshop on Spelling Acquisition to phonological, morphological, and syntactic structure across languages organized by ELN Training School, Universite DU Luxembourg, Luxembourg held on 03-06 April 2019.


Presented a paper on "The application of linguistics to design tools in the field of speech and language pathology" in the International Seminar on Exigency in the field of Speech and Language Pathology in India organized by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Simla, India 07-09 May 2018


Presented a poster on "Theory of Mind (ToM) and identifying the nature of emotional expression performed by Bengali children with Down syndrome" at the 1st India International Down Syndrome Conference (IIDSC), held in Delhi, India on 09-10th September 2017 (Co-author Tawhida Jahan).


Presented a paper on "Language Policy and Orthography: Debate in Eastern Indian and Bangladesh" in the International Scientific Conference Sustainable Multilingualism 2017 organized by Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania on 26/05/17.


Presented a poster on "The Input Hypothesis and cognitive approach to L2 acquisition: A study of vocabulary acquisition by Bengali children" in the International Symposium Second Language Acquisition and Teaching organized by University Paris 8, Paris, France on 18-19th May 2017 (co-author Tawhida Jahan).


Presented a paper on "Language constructs men's reality: A critical review" at the training program on Gender Excellence in Bangladesh jointly organized by the Department of Woman and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka, and Institute Interdisciplinary Gender Research and Diversity, University of Applied Sciences, Kiel, Germany held at the Senate Bhaban, the University of Dhaka on May, 07-14 2012.


Presented a paper on "Prototype and the nature of categorization of Bengali emblems" in the 2nd International Congress of Bengal Studies organized by the University of Dhaka and Bangla Academy, Dhaka held at the Senate Bhaban, the University of Dhaka on 17-20 December 2011


Presented a paper on "Religious values and the nature of cognitive control during co-speech left-hand gestures produced by Bengali speaking people: A study of left-hand taboo" as one of 18 best paper candidate at 4th International Conference on "Gesture Evolution, brain and linguistic structure" organized by the International Society of Gesture Studies (ISGS) held at European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, Germany on July 25-30 July 2010.


Presented a paper on "The nature of opaque orthography and techniques of reading literacy of Bengali children: A psycholinguistics interpretation" at the workshop on Typology of Writing System by Sixth International on Writing System held at the German Department, University of Braunschweig, Germany on 18-19th September 2008.


Presented a paper on "Narrative consists of more than words: the nature of hand gesture production by narrators" at the Ph.D. course on Narrative in Interaction-from structure to practice held by GradEast and University of Roskilde, Denmark on 10-13th August 2008.


Presented a paper on "Hand gesture as a means of nonverbal communication: A closer look into Bengali speaking people" in the 9th World Congress on Semiotics held in Helsinki, Finland on 11-17th June 2007.


Presented a paper on "Bengali native sign for cultural communication: An interpretation of human interaction" in the International Semiotics and Structural Studies held in Imatra, Finland on 3-9 June 2004.


Presented a paper on "Globalization and changing language teaching policy: Querying the pedagogical culture of Bangladesh" at the UNESCO Conference organized by the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland on 15-18th June 2003.


Presented a paper on Woman body as a color measuring text: A signification of Bengali culture at International Conference on Semiotics and Structural Studies in Imatra, Finland on 07-13th June 2003.


Presented a paper on the Study of Semiotics in Bangladesh: prospects and necessity at the International Conference Semiotics and Structural Studies in Imatra, Finland on 7-16th June 2002.

SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
1 Bangla Academy Life Member 2012 Life Time
2 Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Life Member 2011 Life Time
3 International Association for Semiotics Studies (IASS-AIS) General Member 2007 2008
Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Member, Editorial Board Journal of Police Academy Rajshahi 11-08-2019 Currently Working
Chief Adviser Down syndrome Society of Bangladesh Dhaka 03-04-2018 Currently Working
Associate Editor Shamajik Biggan Potrika, [Dhaka University Studies, Part d], University of Dhaka Dhaka 17-08-2017 Currently Working
Chief Adviser RIAND Bangladesh (Research Institute for Autism and Neurological Diseases) Dhaka 02-08-2017 Currently Working

Adviser Cerebral Palsy Association of Bangladesh Dhaka 10-12-2016 Currently Working
Member, Editorial Board Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages Dhaka 01-05-2015 31-05-2018
Convener Curriculum Sub-Committee, Department of Communication Disorders, DU Dhaka 01-04-2015 Currently Working
Chairman Department of Communication Disorders, University of Dhaka Dhaka 01-04-2015 02-02-2020
Professor Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka Dhaka 10-10-2013 31-03-2015
Editor Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics (DUJL) Dhaka 01-08-2013 31-03-2015
Chairman Department of Linguistics, University of Dhaka Dhaka 01-08-2013 31-03-2015
Associate Editor BANGLA ACADEMY PARMITA BANGLA BHASHAR BYAKARAN, Bangla Academy Dhaka 20-05-2011 09-04-2012

It was [a grammar of standard Bangla] published by the Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh (a national project conducted by Bangla Academy, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh)

Convener Curriculum Sub-Committee, Department of Linguistics, DU Dhaka 01-07-2005 30-06-2008
Arif, Hakim Shishur Bhasha-Bikash Manual: Ekti Prastabana [A proposed manual of child’s language development]. Dhaka: Department of Communication Disorders, University of Dhaka, 2015 .
Arif, Hakim Bangla Abacanik Jogajog [Bengali Nonverbal Communication]. Dhaka: University Grant Commission of Bangladesh, 2015 .
Arif, Hakim and Jahan, Tawhida jogajogbiggan o bhashagato asanggoti [Communication Science and Language Disorder]. Dhaka: Books Fair, 2014 .
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Arif, Hakim Brain and reading process. Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010 .
Arif, Hakim Nazrul Shabdapanji [Lexicon of Nazrul’s words]. Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, 1997 .
Book Section
Arif, Hakim "Bangla Aphasia Assessment Test (BAAT): A Proposal." Aphasia o Bangla Bhasha: Bhashatattik samikkha [Aphasia and Bengali Language: Linguistic Analysis]. Hakim Arif (ed.) Dhaka: Books Fair, 2015 122-148 .
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Arif, Hakim "Religio-cultural perspective and left-hand taboo: A description of controlled hand gestures produced by Bengali speaking people." 68 Signs Roland Posner A Semiotic Mosaic. Fricke, Ellen & Voss, Maarten (eds.) Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag, 2010 557-568 .
Arif, Hakim "Text and structure of Mahboob Hasan: Semiotic treatment of a poet’s work." Mahboob Hasan: jiban o kabitā. Abid Azad and Jafrul Ahasan (eds) Dhaka: ayan prakaśan, 2004 111-122 .
Journal Article
Arif, Hakim and Jahan, Tawhida : The Input Hypothesis and Cognitive Approach to L2 Acquisition: A Study of L2 Vocabulary Acquisition by Bengali Children, Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, vol.28, pp.71-83, 2019 .
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