Profile of Dr. Md. Serajul Islam

Profile of Dr. Md. Serajul Islam

Dr. Md. Serajul Islam
Department of Geography & Environment
Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Phone: +8801575077033
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Short Biography:

Born in 1971 at Satkhira Disrtict. Went to Tarali High School, Kaligonj College. Completed Bachelor and Masters in Geography and Environment. M. Phil and Ph. D awarded focusing Natural Disaster. Interested to teach studnets and Emperical Research. Has written four books, and many articles in different field. Also worked with University Administration more than three years. Completed Administrative and Development Management course of BPATC and many training programs within the country and abroad. Experienced in supervision of many theis at M. S. level and also working as supervisor of M. Phil and Ph. D researchers.

Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Ph.D. Natural Disaster University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2014
M.Phil. Natural Disaster University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1997
Masters Geography and Environment University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1993
Bachelor Geography and Environment University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1992
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
Local M. Phil Scholarship 1996 Bangladesh

University Scholarship on the basis of merit position

National H. S. C. 1989 Bangladesh Board Scholarship on the basis of merit position
National S. S. C. 1987 Bangladesh Board Scholarship on the basis of merit position
National Primary Scholarship 1981 Bangladesh Primary merit Scholarship (Britti) on the basis of Board Scholarship examination
Research Interest
Subject Description
Physical Geography and Flood and Natural Disaster

Geographical and Social research

Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Other Sustainable Development and Growth. The European Perspective Me N/A Dr. hab. Agnieszka Makarewicz-Marcinkiewicz, University of Wroclaw, (Poland) 2019
Masters Assessment of Flood Risk in Bangaldesh : A Study on the Teesta Basin Me N/A Muntasim Tabasum Current Year
Masters Changing Nature of the Hydrological and Morphological Characteristics of the River Turag and its Environmental Consequences Me N/A Masuma Habiba 2016
Masters Hydrological and Morphological Changes of the River Jamuna and Its Impacts on Human Settlement Me N/A Razia Sultana

River Morphology

Masters Changing Nature of Hydrological Characteristics of the River Gomti and its Its Impacts Me N/A Rimo Akter River Morphology
Masters Periodical Changes of Hydrological and Morphological Condition of the River Dhaleshwary Me N/A Khaled Hossain River Hydrology
M.Phil Assessment of Flood Risk: A Study on Ganges-Jamuna River Basin in Bangladesh Me N/A Azra Azmery
Masters Flooding in the river Teesta and Adjustment of People in the Teesta bank area Me N/A Md. Sanaullah

River Hydrology and Flood

Masters Temperature Chagein Bangladesh : An Analytical Study of Historical Data, 95-2012 Me N/A Mohammad Jakir Hossen Climate Change
Masters Social and Environmental Impact of Tannery Waste Management System : A Case Study Me N/A Md. Mamunur Rashid Environmental Management
Masters Changing Nature of Hydrological Characteristics : A Case Study on the Padma River in Bangladesh at Hardinge Bridge Area Me N/A Md. Moniruzzaman River Hydrology
Masters Hydrological Parameters Analysis of Surma and Kushiyara River and Its Impacts on Morphological Characteristics Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan Dr. Md. Serajul Islam Salma Akter River Morphology
M.Phil Impacts of Brahmaputra River on Wetland Ecosystem in the Mymensingh Region Me N/A Rupayet Zahan Wetland and Ecosystem Management
M.Phil Riverbank Erosion and Its Impacts on Land Use Pattern and Livelihood in Shariatpur District Me N/A Mst. Khushnur Yasmin River Bank Erosion
Ph.D. Impact of Climate Change on Changing Pattern of Crop Cultivation in Bangladesh: A case study of Pirojpur District Me N/A Tahmina Sultana Climate Change Impacts
Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
Invited Talk
SL Invited Talk
No invited talk is found
SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
1 Elsevier's reviewer Pannel Reviewer 2020 Not mentioned
Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 24-08-2016
Associate Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 30-04-2013 23-08-2016
Assistant Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 26-11-2007 29-04-2013
Assistant Professor Bangladesh Open University Gazipur 26-09-2006 26-07-2007
Lecturer Bangladesh Open University Gazipur 01-01-2003 26-11-2006
Administrative Officer Bangladesh Open University Gazipur, Dhaka 02-02-1998 02-11-2001
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam Spatial Analytical Techniques of Flood Risk Assessment, A study on Brahmaputra-Jamuna Floodplain. Dhaka: Borno Prokash, 2018 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam Physical Geography : Dictionary of Terms. Dhaka: Borno Prokash, 2017 .
Md. Serajul Islam, Md Abdur Rahim and Md. Kamal Uddin Bangladesh Studies. Dhaka: Bangladesh Open University, 2007 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam, Dr. Abu Hanif Shekh and Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan Economic Geography. Dhaka: Bangladesh Open University, 2005 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam and Dr. Md. Abdur Rob Tourism Geography in Bangladesh (Bangladesher Porjatan Bhugol). Dhaka: Bangla Academy, 1999 .
Journal Article
Md. Serajul Islam, Md. Sanaul Haque Mondal and M H M Imrul Kabir : Coping with Natural Disasters: A Cross-Sectional Study with People with Disabilities in The Coastal Zone of Bangladesh, Journal of the Geographical Institute, vol.68, no.1 pp.67–83, 2018 .
Md. Sanaul H. Mondal and Md. Serajul Islam : Chronological trends in maximum and minimum water flows of the Teesta River, Bangladesh, and its implications, Journal of Disaster Risk Studies, vol.9, no.1 pp.1-11, 2017 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam : Influence of Elevation on Flood Water Concentration on Brahmaputra-Jamuna Floodplain, Oriental Geographer, vol.57,, no.1 & 2 pp.93-108, 2016 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam and Md. Ashrafuzzaman : Coping Capacity Analysis of the Flood Victims in the Brahmaputra-Jamuna Floodplain, The Journal of Social Development, vol.28, no.1 pp.247-263, 2016 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam : Local Government in Flood Controlling, Management Development and Human Adjustment With Special Reference of Dhaka City, The Journal of Local Government, vol.39, no.01 pp.27-42, 2013 .
Md. Serajul Islam : Health Care Delivery System in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Satkhira District, Oriental Geographer, vol.53, no.1 & 2 pp.83-92, 2013 .
Md. Serajul Islam and Md. Ashaduzzaman : Relationship Between Hydrological Characteristics and Plant Successions in the Mangrove Forest Sundarbans in Bangladesh, The Journal of Geo-Environment, vol.9, no.2009 pp.37-48, 2011 .
Md. Serajul Islam : Occurrence of Flood in the NOrth-Central Region of Bangladesh and Role of Local Government in Human Adjustment, The Journal of Local Government, vol.37, no.1 pp.55-72, 2011 .
Dr. Md. Abdur Rob, Md. Serajul Islam, Md. Ashaduzzaman and Sata Tasneem : Some Ecological Aspects of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forests with Special Reference to the Relationship between Floral Species and Hydrological Parameters in Bangladesh, Journal Of Open School, vol.3, no.1 & 2 pp.99-114, 2006 .
Md. Serajul Islam : Techniques of Teaching at Higher Levels: Some Aspects of Distance Learning, Journal Of Open School, vol.2, no.01 pp.61-70, 2005 .
Dr. Md. Serajul Islam, Dr. Md. Abdur Rob and Md. Faruk Hossain : বাংলাদেশের পর্যটন: একটি ভৌগোলিক সমীক্ষা (Tourism in Bangladesh: A geographical study), ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ র্জানাল (Journal of Geography and Environment), vol.01, no.01 2001 .
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