Profile of Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Jamal

... Name Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Jamal
Designation Professor
Last Degree M.A., Ph.D.

Abridged CV of Ahmed A. Jamal

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Jamal, Professor of History, University of Dhaka, was born in Dhaka in January 1957. He achieved Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Dhaka Collegiate School in 1972 (’71 batch) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from Dhaka College in 1974 - both in 1st Division. After studying at Dhaka University for 1 year he was awarded a scholarship to study History in Moscow, former USSR. He obtained his Master’s (5-year-long course that included graduation, along with a one-year-course on Russian language) in History in 1981 with predominantly ‘Excellent’ grades from Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, followed by Ph.D. in Soviet Historiography in 1985 from the same university.

Dr. Ahmed A.  Jamal joined the University of Dhaka as a Lecturer in 1987, where he has been teaching till now. Besides, he teaches a course on World Civilization and Culture at the Brac University, Dhaka, as an adjunct faculty. He also served at the National Defence College (NDC) and Foreign Service Academy, Bangladesh as a resource person. He has published a research-based book titled “Life, Livelihood and Dreams” and research articles on issues related to the Liberation War of Bangladesh, Soviet history and historiography, Bangladesh-Soviet relations, Fascism and Nazism and others. He also conducted a number of research studies on non-formal education in Bangladesh. He was a member of the Editorial Board of Banglapedia, National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh (Second Edition). He also edited two editions of Junior Banglapedia, an encyclopedia (two volumes) for young adults (in both Bangla and English), published by the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. He also served as the Managing Editor of Banglapedia online version during 2014-2015.   

Ahmed A. Jamal participated in many workshops and seminars on academic and social development issues at home and abroad. He was a Fulbright scholar at the New York University, USA, in 2004 and a Visiting Fellow at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India in 2005.

Ahmed A. Jamal has been actively involved in managing academic institutions and organizing scholarly activities. He was the Joint-Secretary of Bangladesh Itihas Samiti (History Association) for two terms. He served as the Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (2010-‘12) and then as its General Secretary (executive head) for two consecutive terms. Currently he is one of its Vice-Presidents. He is also the President of the Bangladesh Association for American Studies (BAAS), an organization consisting of university teachers and scholars interested in US history, culture and society.

Professor Ahmed A. Jamal is currently serving as the Chairman of the Department of History, University of Dhaka.