Profile of Rayhan Ara Zaman

Profile of Rayhan Ara Zaman

Rayhan Ara Zaman
Institute of Education and Research
Phone: 01729326913
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Short Biography:

Rayhan Ara Zaman, a faculty of IER, University of Dhaka has extensive experience in teaching, training and research with a special focus on inclusion in education. She teaches Autism Spectrum Disorder, Disability, Special Education, Inclusive Education and Educational psychology related courses in the Department of Special and Inclusive Education in the same Institute. She completed a Bachelor of Education-Honours and Master of Education in special education major in Visual Impairment from IER, University of Dhaka. ‘Shikkha-Gobeshonar Sahojpath’ is her first book; the book dealts with the fundamentals of educational research. She also has several journal articles in different high ranked journals.

Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Masters Education and Research University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2010
Bachelor Education and Research University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2009
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
National Syeda Khatun Scholarship 2010 Bangladesh Awarded for best result in Master of Education, 2010
Research Interest
Subject Description
Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Educational Intervention
  • Curriculum
  • Behavior modification
  • ABA
  • Therapy
ICT in education
  • Uses in classroom
  • Effectiveness
  • Ways of using ICT in education
  • ICT for Inclusive Education
Learning innovations
Teacher training and teacher education
Special education
  • Education for Students with Disability
  • Cuddiculum adaptation and modification
  • Assistive Device
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Teaching technique for Students with Disability
Inclusive education
  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Universal Design of Learning (UDL)
  • Inclusive Assessment Practice
Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Masters Scope of Co-Curricular Activities of Students with Special Needs in University of Dhaka Rayhan Ara Zaman Priyoranjan Das

Students with Special Educational Needs, Co-curricular activities

Current Year
Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
ICT in Education, SDG4 Technological Revolution in Classroom: Primary Education in Bangladesh Asiatic Society 01-11-2020 31-10-2001
Inclusive Education ICT for Inclusive Classroom: Teachers’ Perception and Practice in Primary Education NAEM 01-07-2018 30-06-2019
ICT, SDG and Inclusive Education ICT for Inclusive Classroom: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Primary school teachers in Bangladesh Ministry of Education 01-07-2018
Institutional Quality Assurance Self Assessment of IER, University of Rajshahi IQAC 01-01-2017 31-12-2017
Inclusive Education Teacher Training For Inclusive Primary Education in Bangladesh NAEM 01-07-2016 30-06-2017
Disability and Education Role of Literacy on Employment, Job Satisfaction and Empowerment of Disabled People in Bangladesh Ministry of Education 01-07-2015 30-06-2018
Inclusive Education Inclusive Education in Secondary Schools of Bangladesh: In quest for a working Model NAEM 01-07-2014 30-06-2015
HEQAEP Improvement of teaching-learning environment in the Institute of Education and Research, University of Rajshahi UGC 01-07-2014 30-06-2016
Visual Impairment and Education Employment and Job Satisfaction of Visually Impaired people in Dhaka UGC 01-07-2011 30-06-2012
Invited Talk
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SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
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Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Lecturer University of Dhaka Dhaka 28-10-2018 Currently Working
Assistant Professor University of Rajshahi Rajshahi 05-01-2016 27-10-2018
Lecturer University of Rajshahi Rajshahi 05-01-2013 04-01-2016
Rayhan Ara Zaman and Ridwanul Mosrur শিক্ষা-গবেষণার সহজপাঠ (Sikkha-Gobesonar Sahojpath). Dhaka: Adarsha, 2019 .
Journal Article
Rayhan Ara Zaman, Dr. Diba Hossain and Dr. Happy Das : ICT for Inclusive Classroom: Teachers’ Perception and Practice in Primary Education, NAEM Journal, 2019 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman and Ridwanul Mosrur : Enhancing Social Development through Educating Nonformal School Teachers, Bangladesh Open University Journal of Teacher Education, vol.5, pp.75-84, 2018 .
Dr. Diba Hossain and Rayhan Ara Zaman : Sexual Abuse and Harassment of Visually Impaired girls in Dhaka city, The Educator: Transition to Adult Life, vol.32, no.1 pp.47-51, 2017 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman, Fatema Begum Popy and Dr. Diba Hossain : Teacher training for Inclusive Primary Education in Bangladesh, NAEM Journal, vol.12, no.24 pp.23-32, 2017 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman and Afroza Naznin : Special Schools in Rajshahi: Review of Study Content for Children with Intellectual Impairment, Bangladesh Education journal, vol.2, no.1 pp.30- 38, 2015 .
Shahrier Haider, Rayhan Ara Zaman and Hamidur Rahman Mollah : Social and Educational Impact of ICT Training for the Visually Impaired Students in Bangladesh, International Journal of Education & Applied Sciences Research, vol.2, no.1 pp.30-38, 2015 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman and Shahrier Haider : Mainstreaming Students with Visual Impairment in Secondary Science Education (IX-X): Curriculum Consideration and Assistive Technologies, Bangladesg Journal of Educational Journal, vol.1, no.1 pp.29-41, 2015 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman, Dr. Diba Hossain and Ridwanul Mosrur : Inclusive Secondary Education: Policies and Practices in Bangladesh, Teachers World: Journal of Education and Research, vol.42, pp.111-121, 2015 .
Rayhan Ara Zaman and Shahrier Haider : Employment and Job Satisfaction of Visually Impaired people in Dhak, NAEM Journal, vol.14, no.7 pp.41-47, 2012 .
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