Profile of Dr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir

Profile of Dr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir

Dr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir
Department of Islamic History & Culture
Faculty of Arts
Phone: +8801819100992
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Short Biography:

Dr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir is a Professor of the Department of Islamic History and Culture of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D. from the Centre for South Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India, specializing in Religion and politics in Bangladesh. Dr. Kabir got his Bachelor's, Master's and M.Phil. degrees in Islamic History and Culture from the University of Dhaka.

He has attended and presented his research at more than 20 international meetings and academic conferences worldwide. He has invited speakers to various international and national symposiums and conferences. Dr. Kabir has contributed to over 20 peer-reviewed publications, Book chapters and book. He has received the prestigious Best Book Awards of 2014 from Bangladesh Itihas Parishad for his book Bhasha Andolon O Nari (Language Movement and Women) published by Bangla Academy.

Professor Kabir has professional involvement in various associations including the World History Association, Indian History Congress, Pashchimbanga Itihas Samsad, Bangladesh Itihas Parishad, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, etc. He has also been involved in various social organizations including Asian Youth Centre (AYC), Badhon, and Rotary International, etc.

Dr. Kabir has served as visiting professor in the Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), Uit-The Arctic University of Norway in 2019.

Dr. Kabir is serving as Syndicate Member of Dhaka University, Regent Board Member of Noakhali Science and Technology University.

Dr. Kabir has visited twenty countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and France.

Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Ph.D. South Asian Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University India 2019
M.Phil. Bangladesh Studies University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2009
Post Graduate Diploma Japanese Studies University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2003
Masters Islamic History and Culture University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1997
Bachelor Islamic History and Culture University of Dhaka Bangladesh 1996
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
National Bangladesh Asiatic Society Research Grant 2017 Bangladesh

Research Grant for Ph.D Research

National Best Research Book Award 2014 Bangladesh Research Book- Vasha Andolon O Nari (Language Movement and Women) Publish by Bangla Academy received Best Research Book Award 2014 by Bangladesh Itihas Parishad.
Research Interest
Subject Description
Bangladesh Studies

Language Movement, Formation of Bangali nationalism, Background of the emergence of Bangladesh, Nature of the Bangladesh state, Trends of politics in contemporary era.

Religion and Politics

Use of religion in politics, Political islam, Rise of Islamist in south Asian Politics, Nature of the use of religion in politics by the major political parties in Bangladesh.

Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
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Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
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Invited Talk
SL Invited Talk

SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
1 World History Association General Member
2 Indian History Congress Life time Life Time
3 Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad Life time Life Time
4 Bangladesh Itihas Samity Life time Life Time
5 Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Life time Life Time
6 Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Research Organisation Life Time Life Time
Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 29-11-2020 Currently Working

Department of Islamic History and Culture

Adjunct Faculty North South University Dhaka 20-09-2019 Currently Working Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 10-10-2013 28-11-2020

Department of Islamic History and Culture

Assistant Professor University of Dhaka Dhaka 27-01-2010 09-10-2013 Department of Islamic History and Culture
Guest Faculty Dhaka City College Dhaka 01-01-2010 31-12-2013 BBA Programme, Bangladesh Studies.
Lecturer University of Dhaka Dhaka 04-05-2006 26-01-2010 Department of Islamic History and Culture
Lecturer Bangladesh Open University Gazipur, Dhaka 30-11-2005 03-05-2006 Open School, Bangladesh Open University
Lecturer Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Laksham, Cumillah 10-12-2003 30-11-2005 Nawab Faizunnesa Govt. College, B.C.S. (General Education)
Research Associate SAPTA Associates Ltd Dhaka 01-12-1999 31-01-2003 IDEAL Project, UNICEF
Mohammad Humayun Kabir Vasha Andolon O Nari (Language Movement and Women). Dhaka: Bangla Academy, 2014 .
Book Section
Mohammad Humayun Kabir "Bangladesh-Japan Somporka: Oitihasik poriprekhit o Bastobota (in Bangla) (Bangladesh-Japan Relation: Historical Perspective and Reality)." Bangladesh o Bohirbiswa. Abu Md. Delwar Hossain (edted) 2015 199-209 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir "The Liberation War in Dhaka: Events of ‘71." Dhaka in The Liberation War 1971. Alam, Mohit Ul & Hossain, Abu Md. Delwar edited Dhaka: Bangladesh Asiatic Society, 2011 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir and Abu Md. DelwarHossain "Dhakar Mukhtijuddah: Gotonaponji ‘71 (in Bangla)." Muktijuddhe Dhaka 1971. Mohit Ul Alam & Abu Md. DelwarHossain (edited) Dhaka: Bangladesh Asiatic Society, 2010 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir (Co-author) "Bangladesher Itihas." Bangladesher Itihas. Mohammad Humayun Kabir (Co-author) Gazipur: Bangladesh Open University, 2009 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir "Justice Muhammad Ibrahim: Ekjon Sottikarer Despremik (in Bangla)." Justice Muhammad Ibrahim (1898-1966) Memorial Volume. Sufia Ahmed Dhaka: 2006 .
Journal Article
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Israel Rastro Protistha abong Filistiner Bovisot (in Bangla) (The State of Israel and the future of Philistine), Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2019 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Dharmo o Rajniti: Prekhit Bangladesh (in Bangla) (Religion and Politics: Bangladesh Perspective), Probondho Sonkolon (A Compilation of Research Articles), 2019 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Dhormio Rajniti, Dhormo Niroprekhata O Rashtro Dharmo: Prekhit Bangladesh (in Bangla) (Religious Politics, Secularism and State Religion: Bangladesh Perspective), Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2018 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Dhormio Jatiotabad o Dhormo Niroprekhata: Prekhit Bangladesh (in Bangla) (Religious Nationalism and Secularism: Bangladesh Perspective), Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2015 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Vasa andolon o Nari: Prekhit Dhaka (in Bangla) (Language Movement and Women: Perspective Dhaka), Probondho Sonkolon (A Compilation of Research Articles), 2014 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : The Language Movement in Chittagong: A Study on Women’s Participation, Society & Change, 2013 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Ramcharit O Onnayon Sutre Verndro Bidroher Poriprekhit Bichar, (in Bangla), (Evaluation of the Perspective of Verndro Revolt in the Ramacrit and other Sources, Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2013 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Purbo Banglar Rastro Vasa Andoloner Unmesh Porba (in Bangla), (The Blooming Period of the State Language Movement of East Bengal), Probondho Sonkolon (A Compilation of Research Articles), 2011 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Nari O Vasa Andolon: Prekhit Rajshahi (in Bangla), (Women and Language Movement: Perspective Rajshahi, Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2011 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : 1947 Saler Vibagh Pubo Vasa Bitorka (in Bangla), (The Language Debate before the Partition of 1947, Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal), 2010 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir & Mohammad Musfequs Salehin : Religion and Violence: Politico-Historical Analysis of Islamic Militancy in Bangladesh, The Dhaka University Studies, 2008 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir & S.M. Mofizur Rahman : Parsoborti Rajonno Borger Sathe Pal Rajader Rajnoitic Somporka (in Bangla), (Political Relations of the Pala Rulers towards the Neighboring Kings.), Itihas, (Bangladesh Itihas Parishad Journal, 2008 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan in 1979: A Geo-Political Perspective, Probondho Sonkolon (A Compilation of Research Articles), 2008 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir & A.K.M. Golam Rabbani, : East Timor: Diversity & Conflict in an Emerging Nation, Perspective in Social science, 2005 .
Mohammad Humayun Kabir : The Role of Japan towards the Independence of Bangladesh, Pakistan Journal of Social Science, 2003 .