Profile of Md. Saeed Siddik

Profile of Md. Saeed Siddik

Md. Saeed Siddik
Assistant Professor
Institute of Information Technology
Phone: 01556408903
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Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Masters Software Engineering IIT, University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2015
Bachelor Software Engineering IIT, University of Dhaka Bangladesh 2013
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
National Academic Excellency Gold Medal Award by University of Dhaka 2015 Bangladesh

This award has been provided for the best result of my Master's degree from IIT, University of Dhaka.

National IEEE Best Student Conference Paper Award 2013 Bangladesh

This award has been provided by the International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (the oldest CS conference in BD).2013.

Research Interest
Subject Description
Software Artifact Analysis

Software artifacts are the outcomes which are involved in the entire development of a program. Those artifacts are used to analyze and measure the developed software. These data come from various modes e.g. comments as textual, codes as features, diagram as XML, requirements as NLP, etc. All of these are very much important for software engineering research. Currently, I involve with code, comments and requirement analysis.

Software Quality and Testing

Software testing is one of the vital phases in SDLC where the quality of the respective software has been ensured. Where test case prioritization reorders test cases based on faulty module detection capability to detect maximum faults by minimum execution. Test case prioritization reorders test cases for providing earlier feedback to software testers and managers about faulty modules, which are exigent specially in regression testing.

Software Design Migration

Software is developed based on several well-known architectures such as Structured, Object Oriented, Component-Based, etc. which are quite similar in their underlying dependencies, but different in top-level usages. Legacy software, often written in procedural languages such as C, C , COBOL, etc. could be a major concern for organizations due to low maintainability, which can be resolved by modern reusable design such as Java, GoLang, Python, etc. That architecture still has some code smells which should be leveraged by refactoring in source code.

Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Masters Code Comments Inconsistency Detection for Improving Software Maintainability Md Saeed Siddik Fazle Rabbi

Comments in source code are very important to understand the existing source code, where software evolves day by day. In large scale software development, developers need to analyze existing codes and they often depend on these comments. However, it is very common to ignore changing comments with respect to changing codes, which makes those comments inconsistency. These types of comments gradually affect the performance of software maintenance and evolution

Masters Multipartite Based Test Case Prioritization for Improving Software Quality Md Saeed Siddik Md. Abu Hasan

Test case prioritization reorders test cases based on faulty module detection capability to detect maximum faults by minimum execution

Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
Software Engineering Mobile Apps Review Analysis and Prioritize UGC 08-03-2020 07-01-2021
Software Engineering Software Test Case Prioritization for Quality Assurance UGC 01-04-2018 12-06-2019
Invited Talk
SL Invited Talk

Conducting a workshop on research article writeup using Latex and OriginPro software hosted by IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Dhaka University Chapter.


Conducting a workshop on Python for data analysis hosted by Dhaka University Science Society

SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
1 IEEE Computer Society Professional Member 2018 2021
Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Assistant Professor IIT, University of Dhaka Bangladesh 02-07-2019 Currently Working
Lecturer IIT, University of Dhaka Bangladesh 22-11-2015 30-06-2019
Journal Article
Md Abdur Rahman, Oishi Mahmud, Nishat Tasnim Niloy and Md Saeed Siddik : Prioritize Android App Reviews for Effective Version Release, Md Saeed Siddik, vol.13, no.2 pp.21-30, 2020 .
Abdur Rahman, Md. Abu Hasan, Khaled Shah and Md. Saeed Siddik : Multipartite Based Test Case Prioritization Using Failure History, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (IJAST), vol.125, pp.25-42, 2019 .
Kishan Kumar Ganguly, Md. Saeed Siddik, Rayhanul Islam and Kazi Sakib : An Environment Aware Learning-based Self-Adaptation Technique with Reusable Components, International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science, vol.11, no.6 pp.53-64, 2019 .
Md. Abdur Rahman, Md. Abu Hasan and Md. Saeed Siddik : Prioritizing Dissimilar Test Cases in Regression Testing using Historical Failure Data, International Journal of Computer Applications, vol.180, pp.1-8, 2018 .
Conference Proceedings
Md. Abu Hasan, Md. Abdur Rahman and Md. Saeed Siddik "Test Case Prioritization Based on Dissimilarity Clustering using Historical Data Analysis." International Conference on Information Communication and Computing Technology , pp. 267-281. India: Springer, 2017 .