Profile of Md. Matiar Rahman

... Name Md. Matiar Rahman
Designation Assistant Professor
Last Degree B.Sc.(Hons) MS (DU)




Lecturer, Department of Statistics,Biostatistic & Informatics                                 

University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.                                                 Mobile: +8801717210015




Date of Birth   : Sep 23, 1982

Place of Birth  : Kurigram, Bangladesh

Nationality       : Bangladeshi

Marital Status  : Married


2006–2008      M.S. (Thesis Group) in Statistics

Department of Statistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Thesis title : Effects of Household Composition on Consumer Budget.

Supervisor : Mrs. Rezina Ferdous .  Professor, Department of Statistics, Biostatistics & Informatics. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Passing year : Session 2004-2005, Exam held on April, 2008

Result: First class (Seventh position. Average: 67.84%)

2000–2006      B. Sc. in Statistics

Department of Statistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Passing year: Session 2003-2004, Exam held on October, 2006

Result: First class (Fourth position. Average: 62.82%).

1998–2000      Higher Secondary Certificates (Science as major)

Bhurungamari Degree College of Rajshahi Education Board.

                        Passing year : 2000

Result : First division (Average : 73.6%).

1996–1998      Secondary School Certificates (Science as major)

Bhurungamari Pilot High School of Rajshahi Education Board.

Passing year: 1998

Result: First division (Average: 80.1%).

Working Experience

17/07/2016- present                 : Lecturer,

                                                 Department of Statistics,Biostatistic & Informatics                                                                 University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000

02/04/2015- 17/07/2016          : Assistant Professor,

                                                  Department of Statistics; Jagannath University, Dhaka.

01/07/2013-01/04/2015           : Lecturer

                                                   Department of Statistics; Jagannath University, Dhaka.

18/04/2013-30/06/2013           : Assistant Professor,

  Department of Statistics,

                                                  Faculty of Science. Kushtia Islamic University, Bangladesh.

18/04/2010-17/04/2013             : Lecturer (Full time)

Department of Statistics,

Faculty of Science. Kushtia Islamic University, Bangladesh.

                                      Core courses:

                                                            Stat H-303(Design of Experiment)

                                                            Stat H-307(Programming with C & C++ and                  


Stat H-202 (Sampling Distributions and         

                              Test of Hypothesis)        

                                                             Stat H-205(Analysis of Variance)

                                                             Stat H-101(Basic Statistics)

                                                             Stat H-103 (Probability Distributions)

                                                                         Stat H-105 (Matrices)

14/06/08–28/09/08                  : Teaching Assistant. Department of Economics.

 School of Arts and Social Science

 North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

                                                  Core courses            : ECO 101 (Micro Economics)

                                                                           ECO 104 (Macro Economics)

ECO134 (Applied Mathematics- I)

                                                                           ECO 172 (Introduction to Statistics)

                                                                           ECO 173 (Applied Statistics)

                                                                           ECO 372 (Introduction to      




01/07/2008-20/08/2008           : Research assistant (Part time)

                                                  Researchers: Dr. Rezaul Hayat & Dr. Sanjida


                                                 Department of public health,

              Independent University of Bangladesh

                                                 MPH Theses: (i) Determinants of malnutrition among 

                                                                              under five  Children in Bangladesh

                                   (ii) Impact of women socio economic 

                                       freedom on  their nutritional status

                                      in Bangladesh

                                                  Responsibilities : - Statistical analysis using SPSS

                                                                               -Report writing.


01/07/2007–30/09/2007          : Assistant Researcher (Part time)

                                                 Bangladesh Centre for Development, Journalism and  

                                                 Communication (BCDJC)

                                                 Project Title: Media availability and accessibility

                                                  In rural Bangladesh.                                                              

                                                 Funding agency: UNESCO  

                                                 Responsibility:  -Data collection from Rajshahi, Sylhet

                                                                             and Chittagong division

                                      -Data entry

                                                                           -Assisting the researcher for statistical 

                                                                            analysis of project data using SPSS.

Research Interests

Econometrics, Experimental Design, Sampling, Survival analysis, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Economics, Business Statistics, Statistical computing, Demography, Robust statistics.                             


  1. Subbroto Kumar Saha, Md. Ezazul Haque, Dipa Islam, Md. Matiar Rahman, Md. Rezuanul Islam, Anzana Parvin, Shahedur Rahman,2012. Comparative study between the effect of Momordica charantia (wild and hybrid variety) on hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity of alloxan induced type 2 diabetic long-evans rats. Journal of Diabetes Mellitus.Vol.2, No.1, 131-137M.
  2. Roungu Ahmmad, Md. Matiar Rahman , Md. Sanwar Hossain, Azizur Rahman,2013.

             The Canonical Correlation Analysis - An Application to Bank Performance and

            Consumers   Satisfaction. International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical   

            Research. Issue 3 volume 1;  p-685-694.

  1. M. Roungu Ahmmad, Md. Sanwar Hossain, Md. Matiar Rahman, Azizur Rahman, 2013. Markovian Migrational Models a Dynamics of Repeat Migration: A Markov Chain Analysis and Application.International Journal of Science and Technology Volume 2 No. 4; p-285-290.
  2. Charls Darwin, Md. Matiar Rahman, Effects of Household Compositions on Consumer Budget for Food items, International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, Volume 2, Issue 5. 2015
  3. Md. Matiar Rahman, Determinants of Caesarean Section delivery in Bangladesh, Volume-4, Number-I. 2015. ISSN 2224-1698 Jagannath University Journal of Science.




  1. Role of female migration in reducing poverty of rural Bangladesh.
  2. Socioeconomic and Demographic factors of BMI among the Lactating and Pregnant women of Dhaka City: A comparative study.

Computing Proficiency

Programming languages        : R, S-PLUS.

Statistical packages                : SAS, SPSS, STATA, Minitab, Excel

Word processor                      : MS Word


















Scholarships / Awards

2006                Provost Award (Ekushey Hall, DU)

2004–2006      Dhaka University Merit scholarships (Ekushey Hall, DU)


1994–1996      Primary stipends in General grade

Education Board Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Conferences / Workshops Attended


November 25-26, 2011           Training on Mathematics: Multivariate Calculus for Machine Learning, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


October 22, 2008                    Presentation of MS theses, Department of Statistics, Bio statistics and Informatics. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dhaka University Statistics Department Alumni Association (DUSDAA)

Stem and Leaf (Organization of the department of Statistics, University of Dhaka)


Professor Md. Ashraf-Ul_Alam                             Dr. Kalipod Sen

Chairman, Department of Statistics                      Professor,

Jagannath University, Dhaka. Bangladesh           Department of Statistics,

Cell: +8801711269119                                          Biostatistics& Informatics,

                                                                              University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

                                                                              Cell: +8801912566558