Profile of Dr. Anamul Haque Sajib

Profile of Dr. Anamul Haque Sajib

Dr. Anamul Haque Sajib
Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
Faculty of Sciences
Phone: 01791018328
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Degree Name Group/Major Subject Board/Institute Country Passing Year
Ph.D. Statistics University of Nottingham United Kingdom 2018
Masters Statistics with Biomedical Applications University of Nottingham United Kingdom 2014
Masters Statistics Dhaka University Bangladesh 2010
Bachelor Statistics Dhaka University Bangladesh 2008
Award Type Award Title Year Country Description
International Vice Chancellor Scholarship for research provided by Nottingham University 2014 United Kingdom Funding (both tuition fees and living cost) for PhD study
National Bangabandhu Fellowship 2013 Bangladesh Funding (only living cost) for Master study
International Developing Solution Scholarship provided by Nottingham University 2013 United Kingdom Funding (only tuition fees) for Master study
Local Dhaka University Alumni Association Merit Scholarship 2006 Bangladesh Result for Honors (third year)
Research Interest
Subject Description
Statistics Statistical Shape Analysis, Statistical Computing and Bayesian Statistics
Project/Research Supervision
Level of Study Title Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s) Name of Student(s) Area of Research Current Completion
Masters Application of Change Point Model to Bangladesh Stock Exchange Data Dr. Anamul Haque Sajib Md. Ariful Hoque

Bayesian Statistics

Masters Efficient Generation of Gaussian Varaiates via Acceptance-Rejection Framework Dr. Anamul Haque Sajib Syeda Fateha Akter

Statistical Computing

Project/Research Work
Subject Project Name Source of Fund From Date To Date Collaboration
Statistics Rejection Sampling Scheme for Simulating from Arbitrary High Dimensional Probability Density University Grant Commission, Bangladesh 05-05-2020 05-05-2001
Invited Talk
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SL Collaboration & Membership Name Type Membership Year Membership Expire Year
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Title Organization Location From Date To Date Description
Research Assistant Horizon Digital Economy Research University of Nottingham, UK 21-08-2017 21-02-2018 part time working on project entitled "Statistics and Machine Learning in Privacy Preserving Data Processing Systems"
Journal Article
Sajib, A. H., Rafi, S. E. R. and Sharmin. S : Application of Quantile Transform Method while Simulating Random Variates from Densities with Non-Closed Form of Cumulative Distribution Function, 2021 .
Akter, S. F. and Sajib, A. H. : Rejection Sampling Scheme for Simulating from Multivariate Normal Density, International Journal of Statistical Sciences, vol.2, no.20 pp.5-36, 2020 .
Akter, S. F and Sajib, A. H. : On Effectiveness of Decomposition Methods to Generate Multivariate Normal Variates: A Comparative Study, Dhaka University Journal of Science, vol.68, no.2 pp.117-120, 2020 .
Sajib, A. H. : Rejection Sampling Schemes for Simulating from Arbitrary Probability Densities, Dhaka University Journal of Science,, vol.68, no.1 pp.59-64, 2020 .
Sajib, A. H. and Akter S. F. : A Comparison Study of Finding Efficient Methods for Generating Normal Random Numbers, Dhaka University Journal of Science, vol.67, no.2 pp.91-98, 2019 .
Sajib, A. H. : Efficient Generation of Gaussian Variates via Acceptance-Rejection Framework., Dhaka University Journal of Science, vol.67, no.2 pp.123-130, 2019 .
Sajib, A. H. : A Bayesian model for the unlabelled size-and-shape analysis, PhD thesis, University of Nottingham., 2018 .
Tsagris, M., Athineou, G., Sajib, A., Amson, E., & Waldstein, M. J. : A Collection of R Functions for Directional Data Analysis, R package version, vol.2, no.4 2016 .
Amin, M. M., A, Sajib, A. H., and Mohammad Alamgir : Investigating Causal Relations of Economic Variables: Capital, GDP, Labour and Population in Sweden 1870-2000, Dhaka University Journal of Science, vol.62, no.2 pp.81-86, 2014 .
Amin, M. M. A, Sajib A. H. : Acculturation Preferences And Major Adverse Factors That Bangladeshi and Finnish Migrants Faced To Acclimatize In Sweden, Journal of Information Technology (JIT), Jahangirnagar University., vol.2, pp.2432, 2013 .
Karim M. R. and Sajib A. H. : Weibull Mixture of Some Sampling Distributions., Research and Reviews: Journal of Statistics, vol.2, no.1 pp.20-25, 2013 .
Dewan Muktadir-Al-Mukit, A. Z. M. Shafiullah and Sajib A. H. : Determination of Causality between Remittance and Import: Evidence from Bangladesh., International Journal of Business and Social Research (IJBSR), Maryland Institute of Research (MIR), Maryland, USA, vol.3, no.3 pp.55-62, 2013 .
Sajib, A. H. and Khan J. A. : A New Algorithm for Classification based on K Nearest Neighbor and Decision Tree, Dhaka University Journal of Science. 62(2):122-127, vol.62, no.2 pp.122-127, 2013 .
Sajib, A. H. A. Z. M. Shafiullah and Sumon A. H. : An Alternative Algorithm for classification based on Robust Mahalanobis Distance., Dhaka University Journal of Science., vol.61, no.2 pp.81-85, 2012 .
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