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Dr. Lafifa Jamal

Professor & Provost
Shamsun Nahar Hall

Warm greetings to the students of the Shamsun Nahar Hall, their respected parents, alumni and valued surfers of this website. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of this stunning hall family that strives to offer female students a homely environment for academic, cultural, co-curricular and personality development. It is a great honor and responsibility to work as Provost of Shamsun Nahar Hall. The Provost's most important task is to ensure that the values that have defined our Dhaka University since its founding continue to guide day-to decisions. At a practical level the Provost's Office is also the place where academic ambitions meet the realities of resource constraints, where trade-offs must be made, and where the integrity of our academic values must be upheld. As Provost I am working with a team of dedicated House Tutors and trained Staffs, Faculties, Deans and the University’s senior leadership to ensure that the values that have defined our University since its founding continue to govern its daily life. We are committed to provide students a clean and comfortable place where students can study, relax, laugh and live with safety. The three houses of Shamsun Nahar Hall are equipped with rooms, spacious dining hall, Wi Fi connectivity, playground, laundry support, hall library, beautiful garden, and many more. Hall administration is always conscious to make residential students feel at home. We hope through all these opportunities a student will gain valuable life skills that they can take with them no matter where their life brings them. This year we are celebrating 100 years of Dhaka University, a milestone in its long journey. Since its establishment, Dhaka University cradled most of the progressive, secular, social, cultural and intellectual movements. Shamsun Nahar Hall with a glorious past and present success in academic, sports and cultural affairs of the students has been playing a significant role in the journey of Dhaka University. Provost Shamsun Nahar Hall, DU