Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Naznin Islam

Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Public Policy, Gender Development, Governance, and NGOs.

Dr.Syeda Lasna Kabir

Women’s political and administrative participation in South Asia, Civil service training, E-governance, Administrative culture, Migration policies, Comparative public administration, Organizational behavior and leadership

Dr. Nusrat Jahan Chowdury

Gender and Politics, Public Policy Implementation, Aging and Elderly care, Development and NGOs, Democracy and Governance

Dr. Sadik Hasan

Public Administration, E-governance

Adila Reza Hasan

Organisational Change, Public Management, Governance, E-governance, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour


Public Policy

Maruf Hasan Rumi

Public Health, Public Service Delivery, Public Policy, Gender Studies, E-governance