Program & Activity of The East Asia Study Center (EASC)

What We do

  1. Undertaking research projects on issues concerning East Asia and Bangladesh and East Asia relations,
  2. Organizing training and educational programs on different aspects of East Asia and Bangladesh,
  3. Publishing newsletter, reports, journals and books on works related to Bangladesh and East Asia. Audio-visual works may also be undertaken,
  4. Organizing talks, lectures, discussions, periodic seminars, workshops and consultative sessions with stakeholders concerning East Asia-Bangladesh trade, commerce, cultural and development cooperation,
  5. Participating in survey, research and orientation assignments from East Asian and Bangladeshi concerns having stake in trade/commerce/development/cultural/security cooperation,
  6. Organizing study, consultancy and internship projects in collaboration with relevant institutions of East Asian countries and Bangladeshi counterparts, and
  7. Introducing fellowships and scholarships to promote research on East Asia and Bangladesh-East Asia relations.