Program & Activity of Centre for Bioinformatics Learning Advancement and Systematics Training (CBLAST)

We at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with the help of other Faculty members, Computer Scientists and Statisticians have designed modular online course in Bioinformatics. The aim of the course would be to develop expert personnel with practical knowledge in biological data analysis enabling them to deal with biological problems computationally. Each module comprises of 12-weeks duration, with video lectures of a total duration of 2 hours per week. Each week ends with a quiz. The student can log in/download as long as he/she needs in order to assimilate the lectures, which will be a series of screenprints with complete instructions (voice) on how to understand and tackle problems. Thereafter he/she can log in for the quiz. The quiz is mandatory and the student will not be able to move forward to the following week unless the HW is done. Certification after completion of the module will only be in the form of quizzes, assignments, and workshops completed. The final exam may be taken after the workshop.