Program & Activity of Semiconductor Technology Research Centre

STRC conducts research in the field of Semiconductor Technology including Semiconductor Physics/Chemistry, Semiconductor Device, Semiconductor Technology and Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Sciences, Instrumentation Electronics, Fabrication Processing and characterization of Solar Cells and other relevant fields. Moreover, simulation/computation based project will be encouraged.

Three categories of Fellowships are given by the center:

1. Research Fellow having an MS degree (consolidated Taka 6,000/- per month)

2. Research Fellow having admission for MPhil (consolidated Taka 8,000/- per month.)

3. Research Fellow having admission for PhD (consolidated Taka 10,000/- per month.)

The fellowship in general would be paid for six months. It would be renewable for further six months subject to satisfactory progress of the research work. Progress Report approved by the Supervisor on the research work should be submitted every three months. Awards are expected to be maid according to the availability of funds.