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    Climate and Disaster Resilience Club (CDRC) (Year:2019)


    Club Activities:

    With a vision to build resilience against disaster and promote sustainability that’s concerned with climate change issues, Climate and Disaster Resilience Club started its journey from August 26th, 2017 at Department of Disaster Science and Management, University of Dhaka. It’s a voluntary organization run by students to create skilled, trained and erudite pupils who play a vital role towards disaster-resilient & sustainable future. The Club frequently organizes Research Poster Presentation Events and students of different batches disseminate their research results and findings. One of the biggest events that took place was DRR Exposure & Opportunities 2019. It was an event organized by the department, supported by the club and funded by AGU.

    The club has a Facebook page which shares vast information on any disaster taking place in Bangladesh, the alerts issued by concerned governmental organizations are shared through this page.

    However, during Covid-19 pandemic and instant lockdown the volunteers participated in social activities on their own initiative in the community and effectively worked online for publishing the very first volume of “Altruist”. Also, information generation sessions were conducted via zoom platform.


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    Disaster Relief (Year:2018)

    Students from the Department of Disaster Science and Management, University of Dhaka have participated in numerous humanitarian activities. During a 2018 flood, students from the 2nd batch initiated to provide aid to the population affected. Funds were collectively donated by the students of the department which were later distributed. Dr. A. S. M. Maksud Kamal, the then Dean of Faculty of Earth and Environment Sciences visited flood affected areas along with students from the department and provided aid.

    Department's Facebook page also post awareness messages and conveys relavent extreme event warnings.

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    Voluntary Activities (Year:2012)

    Students of the Department of Disaster Science and Management take part in various conferences, seminars and workshops. Behind the success of these events are the volunteers . These programs arranged by different NGOs, INGOs and Ministries of Bangladesh with the collaboration of this department, also expose the students to industry professionals. Some noteable programs  include Urban Dialogues; Nationalist Sharing Workshop on Enhancing Climate Resilience Practice and Governance in Bangladesh; China, South and Southeast Asian Conference on Environmental and Ecological Risk Management; International Seminar on Disaster Management and Community Resilience Using Technological Interventions 2019. Students volunteered in Disaster Risk Reduction Exposure and Opportunities 2019 which was supported by American Geophysical Union (AGU). This program was arranged on the day of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction by this department. In 2020, students volunteered in the International Conference on Earth and Environmental Science and Technology.  All these experiences is essential for them to along with the curriculum.

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    Cultural Activities (Year:2013)

    Along with academic activities, department thrives on cultural activities and festivals. Pohela Baishakh is the Annual Celebration of Bengali New Year. Every year Baisakhi program is organized by department where teachers and students participate with full enthusiasm. All the decorations and arrangement of Baisakhi program is carried out by the students under teacher’s supervision. Musical and dance performance, poetry recital and drama are played on cultural segment.